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electron optics

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Allan Adler, Nov 19, 2003.

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  1. Allan Adler

    Allan Adler Guest

    As I understand what I've read about electron optics, one basically
    reduces the problem of electron motion to the motion of light in
    a medium whose index of refraction is different at every point.
    Such a medium may be described as "inhomogeneous". I could be mistaken
    but I also have the impression that this inhomogeneous medium is also
    isotropic, in the sense that at any given point the index of refraction
    is the same in all directions at that point.

    What I would like to know is whether there are any conditions under which
    electron optics can be described by light in a medium which is possibly
    still inhomogeneous but but which is anisotropic. If so, please let me
    know where I can read about it, preferably in books.

    Allan Adler

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    * Disclaimer: I am a guest and *not* a member of the MIT Artificial *
    * Intelligence Lab. My actions and comments do not reflect *
    * in any way on MIT. Moreover, I am nowhere near the Boston *
    * metropolitan area. *
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  2. Phil Hobbs

    Phil Hobbs Guest

    Haven't got a reference, but you can make a spin sorter using electric
    and magnetic fields, which is a good analogy to an anistoropic optical
    medium. n


    Phil Hobbs
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