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Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by jp, Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. jp

    jp Guest

    dear benj,
  2. Don Kelly

    Don Kelly Guest

    The problem is that the flux at the center of the solenoid is not of
    importance. The flux at the end of the solenoid is more important for a
    relatively short device. This appears to be of the order of 0.00013 T or 130
    Gauss, at maximum (distance 0 from near end of solenoid) This is
    considerably less than the 400 gauss correctly found for a long solenoid.
    ( ).
    Adding iron will modify this all to hell as then one doesn't have the same
    partial leakages and an estimate would be roughly dependent on the external
    air gap, ignoring the negligable iron mmf partial leakage pathsso an
    estimate based on a 5 inch average air path length would be about 0.23
    Gauss.This may be sufficient for the purpose but it is considerably less
    than the 400 Gauss based on along coil no iron case.
    It appears that, for this application, a "bar" must be used rather than some
    other shape which minimizes the external air gap. That is too bad as it
    certainly limits what can be done with the given size and thermal

    Don Kelly
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