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Electricity from natural gas

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by jag, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. jag

    jag Guest

    How is the best way to generate electricity from natural gas over the long
    haul. I worry about the long term continuous duty cycle on piston engine
    type generators. Is there another way?

  2. Air-bearing, direct drive, Gas Turbine. (Capstone Microturbine)
  3. [snip]

    speaking of which, can anyone point to a simple and strightforward
    chart that compares, to pick a reasonable size, the efficiencies
    of the different options for a one megawatt generator?

    Basically im looking for how much of the theoretical
    thermal energy from the fuels actually comes out
    the generator side as electricty.

    - gas turbine, internal combustion, and at this
    size we could look at steam boilers, too, I'd guess.

    I figured this would be a simple search but I ain't finding
    anything useful.


    - note that I'm NOT, at this point, thinking about the
    extra pseudo-efficiency from "cogenerating" and using
    the waste heat for, well, heating...

    THanks again
  4. Vaughn

    Vaughn Guest

    The very best way is to connect to the grid and allow your utility to do
    it for you. Beyond that, until you tell us more about what you wish to
    accomplish, any answer you get here will likely be useless to you.

    Garbage in >>> Garbage out

  5. v8z

    v8z Guest

    As others have stated, more information is needed - i.e. amount of power,
    cost of NG supply, etc., etc.

    One option for long term durability in a much lower tech form would be an
    oilfield cathodic genset. These are large bore, single cylinder, low RPM NG
    engines combined with a matched genset that are designed and built for long
    term, low maintainence operation. Typically used to power the cathode
    protection on NG and oil transport lines in remote locations. The engines
    themselves are used to operate pumps on wellheads in remote locations,
    running on NG supplied directly from the well. Technology has been around
    since the mid-20's...
  6. v8z

    v8z Guest

    There are some vids of "Arrow engine" on youtube as well
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