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Electrical Wiring of Household switch...

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by vrrr, Nov 3, 2004.

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  1. vrrr

    vrrr Guest


    Can somebody help me - Currently I have an on/off light switch wired as

    1 Red lead -> hole 1
    2 Red leads -> hole C
    3 Black leads -> hole Loop
    and nothing is connected to hole 2.

    I bought a dimmer switch from Bunnings and am having trouble wiring it up.
    From what I understand I move the 1 Red lead currently connected to hole 1
    in the on/off switch to hole 1 in the dimmer. Then I connect the 3 Black
    Leads from the on/off switch to the Loop hole in the dimmer along with the
    output from the dimmer device.

    But then where do I put the 2 Red leads currently connected to hole C? The
    dimmer has a red wire coming from the dimmer itself to hole C...

    Do I have to leave the old switch behind the wall with just the 2 Red leads
    connected to hole C? Im guessing the 2 Red leads to hole C are permanently
    on and not affected by the on/off switch?

    Is this right?
  2. KLR

    KLR Guest

    the black wires should be joined to each other and make no connection
    to any active part of the dimmer (they can go into a "loop" hole
    though, but make SURE it is a loop hole and not internally connected
    to any part of the switch in either position.If unsure of this - go and buy a "single screw insulated joiner" and
    use this to connect the black wires to each other, rather than using
    spare terminals in the switch assembly.


    The 2 reds are the "always live" actives to the switch, the single red
    is the active that comes from the switch and goes up to the light bulb

    A---switch--->--DIMMER module---> A (to light)
    2 reds one red

    Unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing - get in an
    electrician to deal with this.
  3. vrrr

    vrrr Guest

    thankyou KLR, that made perfect sense and I managed to get everything
    working a-ok.

  4. You are not allowed to do this.
    You need to be an electrician.

    So actually you have "loop" configuration. There are two switches for that
    one light ?

    loop and dimmer is NOT COMPATIBLE.
    You have trouble getting your electricians license ? well get someone with
    an electricians license. No more trouble.

    You are dangerous.

  5. ok, I see the picture now.

    The reason there is two red leads is that is "ACTIVE" supply.

    The supply cable runs to there and past. So instead of using a junction box
    they just cut the supply cable and join the two cut ends in the one
    terminal of the switch, which also joins that terminal onto the Active
    cable, right ?

    The reason there is three black wires is that is Neutral from the supply
    cable upstream, and one from the downstream supply cable (going off to some
    other light switch or something) and one running up the light fitting.

    The reason the three black wires is in loop is that its spare (IN THIS

    The switch then switches the two red leads onto the one red lead.

    yep, '1' is for the active cable running to the light.

    yep, that keeps them joined together and safe from short circuiting, thats

    The red leads go to the dimmer's other terminal.

    supply > dimmer > switch > light

    Probably turn the reds around

    Suply > switch > dimmer > light.


    Im guessing the 2 Red leads to hole C are permanently

    Right. One of the two reds from the power distrubition point on the house,
    the other continues onto other light switches.

    The two red leads
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