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Electrical safety around the spa

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Jermin, Apr 28, 2004.

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  1. Jermin

    Jermin Guest


    I want to make sure I am protecting the users of my spa which now has
    a string of Xmas lights stapled to the walls around the spa. These
    lights are on a ground fault interupt protected circuit AND are
    further protected with a 300v, 1.5 amp fuse. In the highly unlikely
    situation that the lights fell into the spa AND the ground fault
    failed to interrupt the power, will the 1.5 amp fuse prevent lethal
    amounts of current from entering the water and cooking my guests?

  2. Soeren

    Soeren Guest

    Hi Jermin,

    Sorry, but *NO* !
  3. Don Bruder

    Don Bruder Guest

    No. 15-20 milliamps (1 milliamp = 0.001 = 1/1000th of an amp), or even
    less, can be lethal in certain circumstances. And a spa sounds to me
    like "prime circumstances".

    Do the thing that says you've got some intelligence: Keep *ALL*
    electrical items that aren't *SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED* for tolerating
    immersion *FAR* away from the spa. Anything else is sheer stupidity on
    your part, and an invitation for a wrongful death lawsuit (or worse).
  4. Gareth

    Gareth Guest

    It takes a lot less than 1.5 Amps to kill somebody so the fuse may not
    save you or your guests.

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