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electric water heater question

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by longshot, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. longshot

    longshot Guest

    my water heater sprung a leak through the upper heating element , It flooded
    the space between the tank & casing (& laundry room). I drained the tank &
    replaced the element, It still is not heating water.
    is it likely that the lower element is also fried , & wouldn't it still heat
    water if it was? what else could be my problem? I wonder if the water fried
    the switch. should I just replace the whole WH?
  2. Has the thermostat survived the fault?

  3. longshot

    longshot Guest

    Has the thermostat survived the fault?

    How can i tell?
  4. longshot

    longshot Guest

    thanks for the tips...

    I did some Google research & what I found said to check for voltage at the
    upper element, if there's no power there (but there is at at the
    thermastat ), than the upper thermostat needs replaced. it doesn't submerge
    into the tank, it is only against the outside of the tank.
  5. longshot

    longshot Guest

    I think that since the element failed & gushed water through the terminal &
    into the casing it soaked the wires on the thermostat & fried it.
  6. Are you sure this external thermostat isn't for your central heating system?

  7. John G

    John G Guest

    Again we have someone totally out of their depth asking for advice in a
    field that has killed many .

    GET A TRAINED ELECTRICIAN before youy kill yourself or a loved one
  8. longshot

    longshot Guest

    what is your problem dickwad?
    I know several union electricians, I could get free help if I wanted to bug
    one of em. I am pretty sure I can handle it.

    If you don't have anything helpful to say, shut the **** up.
    thank you for your time.

    BTW: I changed the thermostat & It's up & running.

  9. longshot

    longshot Guest

    theses things are on almost all electric water heaters, you can readily buy
    them at any home depot type store. that said I feel pretty confident that
    they are safe enough if installed correctly.
    sorry, but that guy is a prick. I admit that I know very little about
    electricity, but I have been in construction for about 20 years & have done
    a fair amount of wiring. I can certainly follow simple instructions.

    again. thanks for the tips

  10. longshot

    longshot Guest

    it's exactly identical to the one i removed...
    the tank (& all water heaters, I assume) has a relief valve that would send
    water everywhere if the tank ever reached 190 degrees..
  11. longshot

    longshot Guest

  12. I have to admit it, it looks as though the US system is better than the UK

    UK immersion stats often fail closed resulting in boiling 212 degree f ( 100
    degree cent ) coming out of the taps.
    The water system cannot be over pressurised.

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