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electric or magnetic

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Carlo Morpurgo, Jun 29, 2004.

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  1.'s a simple question.
    What is it that makes the PC monitor
    shake under the presence of a strong EMF
    is it the magnetic or the electrical component
    of the field?
    If the earth's magnetic field is so strong as compared
    to that of power lines etc. why don't we really see
    any effects?

  2. If you go down to low enough level physics, the two are the same thing.
    The shaking is because the field is varying.
    Because it doesn't change (at least, not so as you'd notice in
    your lifetime). However the effects are known to the monitor
    manufacturers -- they have to adjust them slightly differently
    depending which part of the world they are being shipped to.
  3. Ok..that is what i the so-called
    emf pollution must basically rest on the fact that the field is varying?
    how can an argument towards emf
    possible dangers be put forward if the earth's magnetic field is so much
    stronger than any field you can find
    in our environment? (I mean power lines for example)

  4. SQLit

    SQLit Guest

    Also can happen when the grounds and neutrals are tied together where they
    are not supposed to be.
    I had a client that wanted the whole room of 6000 wire mold moved three feet
    I though that this was an interesting comment so I asked why just 3 feet. He
    showed me his monitor on the workbench, wire mold behind it. Turned it on
    and wow what a goofy screen. He then put the monitor on a cart and moved it
    to the length of the cord. Problem solved for him. I checked the serving
    panel and found the neutrals and grounds on the same buss. I installed a new
    ground buss and the problem was fixed. Got a lot of work from the over the
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