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Electric Car project ?

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Awsome, Dec 3, 2005.

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  1. Awsome

    Awsome Guest

    I got a wild idea to convert my old Honda Civic into electric car, remove
    engine and install dc motor with good torque and deep cycle battery bank
    (like golf cart batteries) to power dc motor. Also install a battery
    charger in car for charging batteries while parked over night in garage or
    any other place where AC outlet is available.

    I am also thinking to have a small diesel generator in car to charge
    batteries in case on long drive.

    Now back to DC motor..... I am lookin a motor something like half motor and
    half generator. When motor is in use for driving, the other half side of the
    motor is also generating electric to charge the batteries same time
    .......Got the idea ? Now this kinda motor is special, not a normal motor,
    any one knows or any info on that kinda motor ?

    I know lot of genius and more knowledgeable peoples are here, I would
    appreciate some input on this project or from any one who has done something
    similar to this project.
  2. Something like the following:
    You might have to remove a couple of seats or something to fit that
    "small" generator. It might help if it was a high speed rotary
    diesel with a turbo. They are slightly smaller and lighter if they
    exist at all.
    Regenerative braking, where you run the motor as a generator to recharge
    the batteries, uses all of the motor. It's either operating entirely as
    a motor and pushing the car down the road or operating entirely as a
    generator and slowing the car.

    If you're looking for some magic perpetual motion device (which produces
    more electricity than it uses) then you're out of luck. No such thing
    can exist in this universe unless someone rewrites the laws of physics.

  3. There are kits for the honda civic. Google it
  4. Guest

    Put the diesel on a trailer so you don't have to drag around the extra
    weight when running short distances
    Can not be done. At least not with any good results.
    You CAN have the motor act as a generator when decellerating
    (regenerative braking) with the right controller.
    I "did" a '75 Fiat 128L coupe back about 1978. I had a very
    rudimentary controller, an aircraft generator for a motor, and 8 6
    volt golf cart batteries (GC2H - 235 amp hour). Good for 50 miles at
    30mph, or 30 miles at 50 on a charge.
  5. Guest

    My Fiat was a full 4 passenger car and could strip the rubber off the
    front tires with very little effort. The motor was small for the
    application, but I ran the 4 speed transmission. Top speed was in
    excess of 50mph.
  6. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    I think you are referring to braking regeneration, allowing some of the
    energy dissipated in braking to flow back to the batteries. Most modern
    controllers have this function. See the Curtis site.

    otherwise there is no energy for "charging" the batteries, as your
    "generator" would just draw more power from the batteries to run it.
  7. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

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