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Eizo T766 (using 19" Sony tube) automatic color calibration

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Wiebe Cazemier, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    Is there anyone who is familiar with the automatic color calibration feature of
    (19") Sony Trinitron picture tubes, used by the Eizo T766 in my case? I have a
    strange issue with it.

    When I just got this monitor (in 2003 I believe), it was sent in for warranty a
    couple of times to recalibrate it. This mostly related to convergence errors.
    Ever since it got back from the last service, the automatic color calibration
    doesn't seem to do anything anymore.

    When I execute the color calibration, I can see it reducing the cut-off
    significantly. But when it is done, the picture is still very washed out, even
    at 0% brightness. I can perform this procedure a bunch of times, and each time
    it reduces the cut off values, exits the calibration, and the image is
    unchanged. It is as if it can't store the newly made calibration.

    Additionally, sometimes after the global cut-off/gain correction (with the grey
    test screen), the individual colors were tested and adjusted. This no longer
    happens, ever.

    There is definitely something to calibrate, as the image in default 9300K mode
    is extremely washed out, even at 0% brightness. I have resorted to manual
    calibration of the cut-off and gain to correct it.

    Any information about the Eizo T766's auto color calibration is appreciated.
    Eizo itself doesn't give any helpful information.

    Also, is it normal that the screen is getting brighter over time, as opposed to


    Wiebe Cazemier
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