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Eizo T766 CRT monitor defect

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Halfgaar, Nov 1, 2003.

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  1. Halfgaar

    Halfgaar Guest

    Hi list,

    A while back, I bought an Eizo T766 19" CRT. I chose this one, because after
    problems with philips and previewing of others, it was the only one left
    which would satisfy me. The problem is, this one has a problems as well.

    Before this one, I have had approximatly 7 109P40's from Philips. All of
    them with different convergence, focus and geometry errors. I was not the
    only one with problems. On the Internet I found a lot of people with the
    same problems. And the 109P40 of a friend of mine suffers from the same. It
    was not just me. My new Eizo also suffers from the same errors (but a
    little less). I've tried it on three computers on different places in the
    house and it gives the exact same problem. I send it in for repair twice,
    with no result. To be more acurate, the first time it got back, the picture
    quality was worse. After using a loanmodel (T965, 21" CRT) for the duration
    of the repair, I noticed that the "color restoration" feature on the
    loanmodel did very much more than on my own T766. To rule out any
    difference in model, I asked someone who has a well-performing T766 how his
    collorrestorartion worked, what was visible on the screen. He said that he
    could see the brightness being adjusted for the red, green and blue colors.
    My T766 only displays a grey square for about a second and exits to the on
    screen display.

    There is more. Because I didn't expect another repair would help me, I asked
    if it would be possible to get a new one. It was. When I got it, I noticed
    that the picture quality was worse, but not only that, the color
    restoration didn't work either!

    One could say that the picture errors could caused by a magnetic field for
    example, but I don't think so, seeing as how all the monitors I've had
    (including the Philips's) all had the errors in different places on the
    screen and the errors were exactly the same on different places in the
    house on different computers.

    The Eizo distributing centre here contacted Eizo in Japan for answers. They
    said that it must be an incidental case, because they have not had any more
    problems. I repair techician once told me that Eizo monitors were having
    problems lately. He didn't tell me any specific problems, but it was enough
    not to trust Eizo Japan.

    My question is, is anyone aware of problems with Eizo monitors, and what the
    cause of these errors might be. Again, it doesn't appear to be me or my
    environment, seeing as how an absolute feature of the monitor as color
    restorartion doesn't work on two T766's i've tried.

    And BTW, the two faulty monitors come from the same production series, april
    2003. The serial numbers are: 33089043 (the one I orginally bought, current
    one) and 34151043 (the one they send me, and which I rejected). I know that
    043 means april 2003 because I asked them :) The well-performing T766 of
    that guy I know is from march 2003, serial 32829033.

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