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Eizo F55S repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by extremis, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. extremis

    extremis Guest

    I have an Eizo F55S monitor and the image is not very sharp. I guess i
    is a low contrast problem. I have adjusted the contrast to 100%, bu
    this does not eliminate the problem. Are there any internal switche
    that could help?

    I have read the monitor repair FAQ and it says that some monitors hav
    a hole that permits adjustment with a screwdriver without actuall
    opening the monitor. Could that be done with this monitor? Is there an
    way to get a sharp image (vivid colors, etc.) out of an aged monitor
  2. DaveM

    DaveM Guest

    Your monitor might just be a tad out of focus. If that is the case, adjusting
    the contrast won't have any effect on the focus.
    Check to see if it has a focus adjustment control somewhere on the rear or side
    of the monitor. If you can find it, tweak it just a little and see if it makes
    a difference. If it does, continue adjusting until the image is sharply in
    If it doesn't have any effect, or doesn't bring the display into sharp focus,
    your monitor might have a problem in the high voltage area. At this point, it's
    probably best to take it to a shop that can repair monitors, or junk it and buy
    a new monitor.

    Dave M
    MasonDG44 at comcast dot net (Just substitute the appropriate characters in the

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  3. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Any idea how many hours are on the monitor? After several years of heavy
    use the tubes do go soft and you get the results you describe. At that
    point the monitor has reached end of life.
  4. Jerry G.

    Jerry G. Guest

    You can try adjusting the focus control. This is usually located on
    the high voltage multiplier, or on the CRT curcuit board.

    In aged monitors, poor focus is normaly caused by the CRT going weak
    from age. On some occasions, a defect in the high voltage multiplier
    can cause poor focus.

    Jerry G.
  5. extremis

    extremis Guest

    Thanks everyone who offered to help.

    I think the problem is not the focus as there is no image blurring, bu
    the contrast/colors. Anyway, i found 2 holes on the left side of th
    monitor, does anyone know what they are used for
  6. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Probably focus 1 and focus 2, could be focus and G2 (master brightness).
    You can try tweaking them, just remember where they were. Sounds like
    the monitor is probably shot though.
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