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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by tobias, Apr 8, 2004.

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  1. tobias

    tobias Guest

    Hi all!

    I've got some EEPROMS called: HN48016P and ER5901 (both have 2k x 8 Bit
    Unfortunately I coldn't find any pinouts nor timing-diagrams of theese
    The only thing I found out, was: the HN4801P is supposed to have the
    same pinout like the 28c16 or 27c16 (but i don't think, there exists a
    27c16, just a 27c64 but that has too many pins/memory)

    I even tried to connect it as given from the 28c16 but it didn't work :-(

    would be great if anyone could help me!

  2. Wayne

    Wayne Guest

    Serial 128x8/64x16 EEPROM.

    CD | +--+ 8| VCC
    CLK |2 7| RDY//BSY
    DI |3 5911 6| x16//x8
    DO |4 5| GND

    it's 4 wire, microwire device
    try looking up 59C11 on the microchip website.

  3. tobias

    tobias Guest

    Well, but my ER5901 has 24 pins. So, I don't think it's a serial EEPROM :-(
  4. Greg Neill

    Greg Neill Guest

    Intel made 2716 eproms. Presumably the 27c16 is similar.

    Take a look here:

  5. Mark Zenier

    Mark Zenier Guest

    They're over 20 years old, and any programming algorithm for
    anything newer is bound to fail.

    I couldn't find a Hitachi datasheet, but I did find a General
    Instrument ER5716 that claims "pin compatiblity". Prelimary
    Information, Your milage may vary. (out of the 1982 IC Master).

    Mark Zenier Washington State resident
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