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EDT [European Deaf Telephone] and EDTN are the TDD [Telecommunications Device for the Deaf] protocol

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Radium, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. Radium

    Radium Guest


    I've posted this before but never got a rational scientific response.
    Sorry for the repetition and any annoyance it causes but I am really
    interested in this.

    EDT [European Deaf Telephone] and EDTN are the TDD [Telecommunications
    Device for the Deaf] protocols used in Switzerland. Where can I find
    technical information about the EDT/EDTN? Also, I would like to hear
    some tones resulting from the remote EDTs/EDTNs located in
    Switzerland. I live in USA, so if I dial an EDT/EDTN number to
    Switzerland, I will hear both the EDT/EDTN tones as well as the tones
    resulting from negotiations among international telephone exchanges.
    Those textphone and international exchange tones give me an eerie
    feeling which I enjoy. I get a feeling of pleasant fear. Its give me a
    psychedelic sensation. I like it. The tones are scary yet fun -- much
    like virtual reality, a roller-coaster, or a trip to outer space!

    If I could find accurate recording of those tones [tones from remote
    Swiss EDTs/EDTNs and international exchange negotiations] on a website
    in Wave format and at least 44.1 kHz sample rate and 16-bit, then I
    would just download those tones and listen. Unfortunately, no internet
    site has recordings of those tones.

    In addition, can EDT/EDTN signals be used as a form of dial-up
    internet access? Obviously it won't be any faster than other dial-ups
    -- most likely a max of 56 kbps. The sounds would be different from
    currently-used dial-up modems, though. This is because EDT/EDTN uses
    different types of signaling than most 56K dial-up modems.

    Also, what does EDTN stand for? From what I was told in
    , it stands for "European Deaf Telephone Network." This information
    could very well be wrong, given that the poster seems to have a
    personal vendetta against me.

    I googled "European Deaf Telephone Network" in"European+Deaf+Telephone+Network"&btnG=Google+Search
    but only came up with two searches containing my previous posts. This
    is extremely frustrating!!!! I can't believe I am the only one who is
    interested in EDT/EDTN!


  2. \Blumstein

    \Blumstein Guest

    Glad you reposted as I'm the new kid in town.

    All of the various teletext protocols are contained in ITU standard V.
    You can get a free copy at:

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