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Editing a bbs raster chart title

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Richard Lane, Sep 30, 2005.

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  1. Richard Lane

    Richard Lane Guest

    I use raster equivalents of the Small Craft NOAA charts on my sailboat.
    The chart data base display shows thw chart book number but does not
    show Page A or B etc and I would like to add the appropriate page
    letters so as to know which chart to select.
    I seem to remember I asked this question some years (and many computers)
    ago and someone suggested a Hex editor that did the job as long as the
    number of characters on the title line was not changed. I downloaded
    "GroovyHex" editor but cannot see how to use it for this purpose.
  2. Raster charts can be edited ad infinitum in Paintshop Pro or any other
    graphics package.
  3. Richard Lane

    Richard Lane Guest

    I realize that I can edit the chart in a graphics package but then I
    would have to re-digitize the edited chart in the .kap format that the
    navigation software can access.
  4. Richard Lane

    Richard Lane Guest

    I just found to my surprise that Notepad will work at least on the chart
    I tried but maybe it won't work on a larger chart file.
  5. Some nav. software, such as Oziexplorer, will allow you to overprint
    anything at all, using the programme itself.
  6. Jack Erbes

    Jack Erbes Guest

    Richard Lane wrote:

    For purposes of the chart list, isn't there a companion file in ascii
    text that contains a lot of specifics about the raster image? Lists the
    stuff about the projection, calibration, etc.?

    If your software is building the chart data base list, it may be getting
    the chart names from that ascii file and maybe you can edit the names
    there. I sort of doubt that it would be reading the chart name from the
    raster images.

  7. Richard Lane

    Richard Lane Guest

    I found that Notepad adds some non-printing characters to the file even
    if I just load then save. I figured out how to use Groovy Hex Editor and
    have inserted the appropriate page #s that the .kap charts are to be
    found. It all works OK but thanks for your suggestions.
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