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edge triggered ff

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by zoidberg, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. zoidberg

    zoidberg Guest

    I am looking for a JK flip-flop triggered by the rising and the falling
    edge of the clock signal. Does it exist? What is it's code?
  2. No, they're either + or - clock. Use a clock double in front?
  3. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    there is a couple of ways to work around that.
    i am sure such a FF does exist but i can't seem to find one in
    a single package..
    any ways..
    1 approach is to use 2 different FF's
    one is a JK with Preset/Reset with lets
    say a negative edge trigger.
    the other FF is more of a generic JK type
    working with the Reset/preset of the first
    FF via a couple of and gates that also worked
    with the Q and /Q of the edged FF .. this would
    give you and effect of double pulses..
    the other avenue would be to simply pass the
    clk pulse to a buffer and inverter stage and then
    use the output's of each decouple with a cap to the
    input of the CLK on the edged FF..
    this would thus give you 2 pulses of the polarity
    that your looking for.
    this i have done my self in the past and it works
    find, you must select a just large enough where it will
    give the minimum on time required by the FF to activate.

    just and idea..
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