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Easiest way to replace a coaxial connector to wire?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by BrianW, Aug 25, 2003.

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  1. BrianW

    BrianW Guest

    The coaxial cable connection that comes into my house for cable
    tv/internet is messed up and the connector needs to be replaced. Note
    I cannot replace the entire wire, just need to replace the connector.
    At the store I only see complete cables. What would be the easist way
    to put a connector on, hopefully without needing special tools.
  2. Bob Minchin

    Bob Minchin Guest

    I assume your connector is an F type threaded one??
    If so you can get screw on fitting ones.
    There are two sizes. Make sure you get ther right one to match the outside
    diameter of your coax.
    I'm in the UK but I guess radio shack or similar will sell these. I can
    buy them here at the local tv repair shop.

  3. CJT

    CJT Guest

    In the U.S. I believe Home Depot sells them. Let me reiterate that you
    need to make sure you get the right size for your cable type.
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