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Easiest way to convert signal to sound

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Ignoramus14714, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. I have this assembly that makes square wave that is the output of a
    comparator chip. It then goes into the gate driver boards, IGBT etc,
    all of it works.

    What I want is to also direct this output into a little speaker, so
    that can "hear" the circuit running. I have a feeling that I need some
    "opamp" chip to do that. Anything cheap and easy to use that you could
    suggest? I would prefer it in 4-DIP package if possible for space


  2. Guest

    1. use piezo awd, just connect it straight on
    2. use piexo as above, but connect its other lead to an inverted
    version of your signal
    3. use a 1 tr amp to feed a small speaker. Since its a square wave, all
    you need is the tr to switch on/off, linearity doesnt come into it.

  3. Tim Williams

    Tim Williams Guest

    Well, you can take the signal output and run it to a transistor, sure. Or
    hell, you have plenty of current in the loop- just put a few turns coil on a
    speaker and plant the coil strategically around the IGBTs!

    Matter of fact, does the circuit "sing" much as-is? I've noticed singing
    MOSFETs, capacitors or coils (can't tell which, if not all!) when my
    induction heater starts oscillating in some conditions (gotta sort that

  4. Something like that.
    That would be only when there is current. Whereas I want it to sound
    when it is merely turned on. I would put a speaker away from the
    assembly, near the front panel/.

    It does, but not exactly when I want it.
    It's not loud enough.

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