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Easiest repair?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by N_Cook, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    DVD player that stopped responding to the front panel buttons.
    I pressed the "key lock" button on the r/c and normal service resumed.
    This is a player , not recorder , why a key lock function?
    Owner is a highly respected silicon foundryman with IBM
  2. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    to be fair on him , no legend on the CCD saying locked keys or any
    indication of that state
  3. Guest

    I got one about the same. Toshiba bigscreen, no sound on some channels. I pushed a button on the rmeote to disengage the SAP mode.
  4. Leif Neland

    Leif Neland Guest

    N_Cook forklarede den 08-12-2012:
    Perhaps the keylock is to prevent customers to stop the DVD-player
    playing annyoing "infomercials" playing in supermarkets and malls.
  5. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    I remember finding my father's hidden stash of Penthouse, I should think a
    hidden remote was easier to find than a few DVDs.

    I would expect the designer to have placed a red key icon in the CCD
    Owner had already bought a new replacement DVD player, so avoided the
    conundrum of what "repair" fee to charge
  6. Guest

    If you are looking for "easiest repairs" that have ever entered a shop let me list the following from my experiences:

    1) Problem: One channel out on stereo. Solution: place balance control in neutral position (was all the way to the left side...) Time spent: 5 minutes.

    2) Received a receiver from another shop that couldn't repair it due tot ehlack of service information. (It was an old Sansui system). Problem reported was no output. Solution: Replace blown speaker fuses located inside the unit. Time spent: 10 minutes

    3) Bose receiver Problem: Won't turn on (This was a receiver that touching the Bose symbol would activate a selenoid to turn on the system.) Solution: turn on the "vacation" switch located in the rear of the unit. It turns out that the owner did not even know there was a switch in the rear. He had hit it without realizing when wiring the TV. TIme spent: 5 minutes.

  7. amdx

    amdx Guest

    Back when I was in service the TV tech came back from a service call.
    Complaint: New TV won't come on.
    The old man was in his seat, eye site not to good, so he's holding the
    remote so he can see the buttons, pointing at the ceiling. The tech
    informed him that the remote needs to point towards the tv.
    The old man was pissed! It got worse when he was given the bill.
    We had a great front counter to shield the techs from customers
    that didn't understand we couldn't work without pay :)
  8. Robert Macy

    Robert Macy Guest


    One I fixed:

    Customer complained unit did NOT work at all! Worked the day before,
    but today - nothing. I went around to the back and found the AC plug
    for the AC outlet lying on the floor. Plugging it in, worked fine.
    Seems the clean up crew had unplugged the unit, moved for cleaning,
    put back, but neglected to re-plug it in.

    Good laugh, no charge.

    One somebody fixed for me [this was SUPER embarrassing]

    During a very cold December, we recently moved into a new home with
    two zones/units for thermostatic control. The heating would NOT come
    on in the master bedroom and auxiliary bedrooms [both along west side
    of home adjacent to Kitchen and Family Room] so we were freezing
    either while sleeping or in newly established office. I turned on and
    off each of the two thermostats which clearly activated two sections -
    an 'in-law' section in the north end of home and the kitchen/family
    room in the south end, but still not the MB section! We froze, so I
    turned the unit on in the kitchen/FR area so that heat could 'leak'
    back into the MB. Those rooms were HOT. MB tolerable. I even went up
    into the attic to find the two units, but the one feeding the MB would
    not run at all!

    Upon calling furnace repair. He had to drive a long way to rural home.
    He walked in. Turned on/off the two units I had worked with, verifying
    they were functioning. Then, he went down a small hallway outside
    those auxiliary bedrooms, found another thermostat on the wall and
    turned on the third unit!!! ...I didn't know there were THREE zones!
    Simply assumed there were only two zones [from memory description of
    house] - verified by trip to attic where saw the 'two' units. Never
    saw the third thermostat!

    He laughed for the longest time, and said he just didn't feel right to
    charge for 'turning on the thermostat' and left. Proving what goes
    around comes around. Needless to say, they're our repair service from
    then on.

    PS: I promptly moved a new thermostat from the hallway to the MB where
    it really belonged! After all, this hallway was heated/cooled by the
    unit that ran the kit/FR, so the two would constantly conflict. Left
    the thermostat on the hallway wall simply to 'read' the temperature.
  9. Guest

    Actually he should have at least got time and gas.
  10. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    reminded me of this one
    Audio cassette player, very weak and distorted sound

    Just opening the flap it was obvious, a lump of marmalade stuck to the head.
    Excuseable as the owner was blind. I taught him how to recognise the
    rec/play head by touch, via the 2 nibs, and should be smooth. And dug out a
    worn head so he could feel the groove worn in the face, for future
  11. Robert Macy

    Robert Macy Guest

    you just reminded me! When once living at an 'upscale' apartment
    complex found left for trash [items out of date and items too heavy to
    move were often left in the trash areas] I found an Epson color inkjet
    printer neatly sitting with its cord wrapped around it. Couldn't pass
    up the education of internals so retrieved it. Upon feeding in a page,
    every page would tear a streak down the middle and printer would NOT
    let a single page through. During the process of cleaning, found a
    kernel of popcorn almost completely flat wedged in the intake rollers.
    Upon removing the block, the printer has worked very well for a long
    time, even had working black and color inkjet cartridges!.
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