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Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Kiwi John, Aug 22, 2005.

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  1. Kiwi John

    Kiwi John Guest

    I have a shed in outback aussie it uses a genny mainly

    but there seems to be no earth coming off any of the rails in the switch box
    shouldn't there be an earth coming off the neutral rail to a bar in the
  2. John G

    John G Guest

    In Aus work on ANY panel connected to the supply system MUST be by
    licensed Eleco and he should understand what is required.
    As has been said already there is really not enough information in a
    short message to give good advice.
  3. Kiwi John

    Kiwi John Guest

    no I mainly use a generator but sometimes switch or to solar as theres no
    grid supply

    yea na theres no earth in the system so i guess i beter get me a stake
    and shove one in
  4. Kiwi John

    Kiwi John Guest

    shit mate out here ya cant buy a bloody pie let alone get a sparky that
    would take till about the end of November at the moment

    and a plumber even worse

    so ya just gotta do it yourself
  5. John G

    John G Guest

    Yeh! Understand that but just for the foreigners from north of the
    equator I put the record as it is.

    Lived in The Alice for some years in another life.

    As you are only on gennie and solar you only have to get authority from
    above for what ever you do but still you need to understand the risks
    and not kill yourself.
  6. Kiwi John

    Kiwi John Guest

    yep I under stand ya the Alice would of been interesting its bad enough
    as you can see I'm a kiwi from the south Dunedin came to here via Brisbane
    used to drive an overwidth and length truck in Brisbane cartting steel oh
    dear never met so many dickheads in my life so I escaped to Capella and I
    mine over in Rubyvale its a whole different life average wage around
    Capella and Tieri is 95,000 plus production bonus of between 800 and 2400
    per week Tieri is the 3rd richest town in Aussie everything is tied to
    the Coal mine industry and nothing else really

    John G can ya list all the characters you have met ??? !!!
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