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earphone output

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by steve, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. steve

    steve Guest

    I had tried to attach a new earphone to a walkman.

    The earphone is made in china, and its plug is not compatible with the
    walkman input.

    After cutting the wire, I replaced the plug with a correctly sized

    However, there is no response from the speakers, not even a beep.

    Please note that the earphones were alright before the cutting.

    Anybody have any clue what happened..?


  2. Flaps_50!

    Flaps_50! Guest

    You wired it up wrong.
  3. stan

    stan Guest

    Wired wrong. Wrong type of earphone. (maybe you are trying to use a
    mono headphone in a stereo jack socket?) Broken wire? Short circuit
    where wires connect to plug? Plug is NOT the right size after all
    (e.g. tip is too short to reach or the tip and sleeve of the plug are
    not in the correct relation ship to make contact within socket.
    You can test the connections from earphone to plug by very momentarily
    connecting a 1.5 volt battery to the two wires. If it clicks the
    circuit from plug to head phone is OK. Remember touch the battery only
    'momentarily' (just a quick touch!).
  4. amdx

    amdx Guest

    Did you reconnect 4 wires or two wires?
    I'll bet a nickel it was two.
  5. stan

    stan Guest

    Or 3 if a common or shield?????
  6. Allen Bong

    Allen Bong Guest

    Some of the "China Made" earphones use enamelled wires of different
    colors. Normally there will be 4 wires and 2 of them are of the same
    color. Connect the same colored wires together to the sleeve and the
    other 2 different colored wires to the tip and ring.

    Don't forget to scratch the wires with sand paper and tin it properly
    before soldering.

    Some more info is available here:

  7. steve

    steve Guest

    Thanks to everyone for their views.

    These goddamm wires are so tiny, I cannot see whether there are two,
    three or more.

    Will get back soon as I locate the magnifying equipment


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