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Early Sony Beta-era schematic needed

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jim Adney, Oct 9, 2005.

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  1. Jim Adney

    Jim Adney Guest

    I recently picked up a Sony AC-220, which is just a line powered power
    supply to power an old portable Sony Beta camera and recorder. If you
    remember these, you probably also remember that the AC-220 would also
    charge the big NP-1 NiCad battery packs that those portables used.

    Well, this AC-220 has some problems and I need a schematic if I'm
    going to have any chance of fixing figuring this out.

    Any of you old VCR repair guys got a schematic you could scan for me,


  2. Ken Weitzel

    Ken Weitzel Guest

    Hi Jim...

    Darn, one whole power supply just sold for 10 dollars in your money
    on ebay :(

    The good news is that the ad will remain for at least a few more
    days. Perhaps if you were to mail the winning bidder he might
    be willing to scan the schematic for you? Or perhaps he's into
    this stuff and might have help/advice for you? :)

    Just a thought.

  3. Steve P.

    Steve P. Guest

  4. Jim Adney

    Jim Adney Guest

    There's a good chance that was me. ;-)

    Or did you mean someone sold one along with the service manual?

    I'd be willing to buy a service manual if someone out there had one.

  5. Ken Weitzel

    Ken Weitzel Guest


    If someone out here had a zip of 4 gif's that can be pasted together
    to produce the schematic of the power supply/timer section would
    that be OK? :)

    Not _certain_ that it's precisely the one you want, but even if not
    it's probably better than nothing, eh?

    Lemme know if you can take about 350k (before mime)

    Take care.

  6. Jim Adney

    Jim Adney Guest

    That would be terrific! I've gone ahead and sent you a separate email
    thanking you and giving you a better address to send a large file like
    that to.


  7. Jim Adney

    Jim Adney Guest


    I got the file you sent, but I haven't had time to print it out and
    look at it closely. At first glance, however, it does not appear to
    the schematic for the AC-220. It just has a power input board labeled

    I can't tell what this is for, but that's not Japanese; I think it's
    Arabic. I can read a TINY bit of Japanese, enough to be sure this is
    not Japanese, but not a bit of arabic, so I'm not so sure of what it
    actually is.

    Where did you come across this?

    Thanks for offering to send it.

  8. Ken Weitzel

    Ken Weitzel Guest

    Hi Jim...

    Glad you got it; sorry it's not of as much help as we'd hoped. Had my
    fingers crossed that the ac-2 would be at least related to ac-220 :)

    I dunno what language those characters are... it's all Greek to me :)

    Years ago I used to run a BBS, if you're old enough to know what that
    was... a huge one. (wrote shareware) Had over 3 million files
    available for download in its heyday, including an enormous collection
    of schematics and other service related stuff.

    Board is long since down, but I still have all of it, capable of
    running (winserver), and all the hundreds of CD's, so I simply
    started it up and searched file descriptions for sony + vcr and came
    up with this one.

    Take care.

  9. Jim Adney

    Jim Adney Guest

    I got the pages pasted together with PhotoShop today and printed it
    out on our plotter at work. Now all I have to do is find our local
    native Arabic speaker. He was out of his office every time I tried to
    find him today, but I'm pretty sure this is Arabic. It will be
    interesting to see if it tells us what this is actually for.

    I'll let you know what I find out.
    Oh, yes, I remember, and sometimes regret, the demise of BBS. I guess
    that I have to admit that Newsgroups are even better, however, because
    the audience is larger. Well, USUALLY that's a good thing. ;-)
    Wow, that certainly sounds like it might have required a lot of
    effort. Did you have to run thru lots of CDs, or do you have an index
    that is more readily accessible?

    At any rate, I'm still looking for a schematic for a Sony AC-220.

    Thanks very much for all your efforts, Ken.

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