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Eagle Question concerning layers and pads

Discussion in 'CAD' started by 80k, Aug 15, 2003.

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  1. 80k

    80k Guest

    Hi, (sorry I can't access the Eagle newsgroups).

    I noticed that the output files for the top and bottom include the
    pads. Does that mean that the pads will be manufacturered so that it
    can be soldered from the top or from the bottom?

    The reason I ask is that I have a few components that we would like to
    solder from the top, rather than the bottom. I don't know how to set
    the layers on this to do this. The through-hole pads are always just
    a "green" layer. Are all through-hole pads able to accommodate for
    choosing between soldering from the top or the bottom?

    I just want it like a regular through-hole pad where the pad is on the
  2. Active8

    Active8 Guest

    the idea is to mfg a board that can be wave soldered from the solder
    side and the solder flows to the component side. that's what through
    hole plating is for. well, one thing, anyway. you can hand solder a
    plated through hole from one side and get this to work, also. hint -
    flux helps.

    PCB parts are designed to work on multiple layers. you'd have to copy
    the part (use different name) and edit it. that should be doable but i'd
    just leave things as is.
    turning off a layer will do away with anything on that layer. that's not
    what you want.

    this is general info not specific to Eagle. when you edit the part, look
    for options regarding whether edits apply to the current layer only, or
    to all layers. set it to edit current layer only. select the layer(s)
    you want to remove the pad from and delete it for each layer applicable.
    maybe the layer edit option will apply to edits done to the whole
    layout, but i wouldn't count on it. i don't know because i don't obsess
    about pads like that and therefore have no need to do this.

    now that i think about it, placing a single pad on the board and editing
    it from one side (or just putting it on one side) should work, but when
    you try to select a pad that belongs to a part (footprint) it selects
    the whole part, so a part edit would be required unless you just place

    here's something that MIGHT help creating parts:
    if the board has pads on both sides, it's up to you what you solder.
    just don't expect a top side solder joint to be connected to a trace
    coming off of an unsoldered pad on the bottom unless you have plated
    through holes. i guess that's what you'll get since IIRC Eagle supplies
    that sofware as a courtesy to PCB customers. maybe i'm thinking of
    another free PCB tool. i'm guessing that's what you're planning to do
    since you asked if it would be manufactured ...
    picky, picky ;-)

    that's NOT regular. solder-side only would be "regular" but only on a
    single sided board. leave the poor pad alone. it won't bother anyone
  3. 80k

    80k Guest

    thanks for the reply!
    I guess one thing i'm still wondering about is that the output files
    for the eagle files (by default) include top layer + pads for the TOP
    image, and bottom layer + pads for the BOTTOM image. since pads are
    included in both images, can I assume that there are going to be pads
    on both sides of the board?

    It's only that I have several components that cannot be soldered until
    after the board is mounted, in which case I will not be able to access
    the bottom (solder) side. I'll have to solder from the top. I am
    still confused as to whether Eagle's default settings for Pads allows
    this to occur (since pads are generally included in both the top and
    bottom images by default).

    The pad I am adding is a through-hole pad.
    Thanks again!
  4. Active8

    Active8 Guest


    just pretend the bottom pad isn't there and don't run traces to it
    unless you have a plated through hole.
    you should be able to add a pad to one layer only.
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