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Eagle - library problems

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Jan Johnson, Jul 24, 2003.

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  1. Jan Johnson

    Jan Johnson Guest

    I have a custom library with 4 parts, each one has both a symbol and
    package. When I click the ADD button, that library is not on the
    list. I double checked and the green ball is not clicked. When I
    view libraries from the control panel, custom is there, but only
    packages show. When I open the library, both the symbols and
    packages show. Again, I am just learning this program. What is the
    trick? Thanks in advance.

    Jan Johnson
  2. Le 24/07/2003 01:08:42, a écrit:
    Hello too,

    You have to define devices (association of symbols and packages).
    The look at "HELP USE" regarding the usage of libraries.

    Last note: there is very active newsgroups on CadSoft news server.

  3. Jan Johnson

    Jan Johnson Guest

    Thanks Christian, I posted a message there this morning.

    Jan Johnson
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