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Dynamic load for 3 Phase PMSM

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Harry D, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. Harry D

    Harry D Guest

    I am in the process of testing a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor driverof about 1 KW. I need a load for said test. I have a 3 phase VFD converter/controller that can control speed and torque with constant V/F ratio. Is it possible to couple an 3 phase AC induction motor (IM) driven by the VFD controller to the shaft of the PMSM and use it to load the PMSM? Let say I set the IM (load) to 1K RPM and then slowly bring up the PMSM and driver. The PMSM will act as a generator with it's back EMF charging its bridge driver bulk cap. As the PMSM driver exerts more power, will it force the IM to slip more and appear to be a load? As you can see I am not expert in this soI need more enlightenment?

    Thanks, Harry
  2. Guest

    yeh it will probably go boom..

    if not the PMSM driver from over voltage while generating
    then the VFD driving the induction motor, once the slip gets negative
    a car dyno is usually some combination of a big metal cylinder acting
    a inertial load, and a magnetic brake as a static load

    I guess dc on an induction motor sorta works like a magnetic brake

    or just get another identical PM motor and some big resistors

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