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Dying Panasonic CT-27624A TV--help!

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by CHale, Oct 25, 2004.

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  1. CHale

    CHale Guest

    Hello, my kid hauled a balky Panasonic CT-27624A TV home from a
    friend's recently, and he and I got it to go again by simply wedging a
    big chunk of cardboard under the main big PC board in the bottom of
    the thing, between it and the case; seemed to get it to where it would
    behave itself (it would consistently fundamentally come on, but the
    video would wink out, unless I stuck this wedge in under the board!)
    [ok, a) I dunno much about fixing TVs, and b) I don't really want to
    spend much time on this nice but freebie TV...]
    Suddenly after a number of months of trouble-free use, he's finding
    that it won't "catch" re: basic power-up, now. We found that we
    could always get an initial brief (~ 2 sec) power-up of the tube, but
    we'd have to unplug and then re-plug in the TV to wall power, to get
    this brief turn-on to recur. There's basically no "wait time", you
    can get this behavior again after the unit has been unplugged for only
    a brief instant (so, doesn't exactly have a "leaky cap" feel to it or
    such). If you don't unplug it from the wall, you will never get the
    2-sec turn-on at all, no matter how many times you push the "on"
    button again. We also found that if you uplugged/plugged, and then
    held the "on" button down continuously, the TV would do its 2-sec
    thing over and over again, with about 2 sec in-between times. We
    noted that sometimes the tube will glow blue back toward the very back
    of the tube ass'y, and other times it would glow blue about an inch
    forward inside the tube, in another part of the tube.

    I'd love to get this thing going again, it works great when it works
    at all...sorry for the troglodyte-like diagnosis and previous repair.
    I do have a simple 25 MHz scope on hand and some analog electronics/HV
    exp., but obviously I've chosen to exercise little of that on this
    guy, so far...thanks much--
    C. Hale, Lafayette CO
  2. Master TV

    Master TV Guest

    It sounds very likely your original problem was simply solder
    connections...letting it go this long may have caused further damage
    or maybe not. Glowing in the neck of crt usually is a symptom of
    excessive high voltage or bad crt. I would pull out board and go over
    w/ flash light and magnifying glass and resolder all bad
    connections...look to see if maybe the board is cracked which can be
    repaired w/ some wire and solder. Dry cap's is likely in an old esr meter would be especially useful. Your problem may be
    two fold....bad connections and dry caps.
  3. CHale

    CHale Guest

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll try that. I'll let you know if it works!
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