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DVR's... two 16 channel units or one 32 channel unit?

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by pyro, Jul 29, 2005.

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  1. pyro

    pyro Guest

    We presently have two 16 camera DVR's from Digital Micros (BX)

    We have seen the 32 camera solutions available (Digital Micros does not have
    a 32 camera solution in one box).

    Is this worth the move? Benefits?


  2. pcbutts1

    pcbutts1 Guest

    That really depends on what features you are looking for. 32 camera systems
    are new and only a few have a good frame rate and picture quality. Tell me
    what 32 camera systems have you have looked at already and I can give you a
    better answer. We have 32 channel systems available in regular and high
    definition 32ch 480 X 480 HD System H.264 Hybrid compression units


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  3. pcbutts1

    pcbutts1 Guest

  4. Guest

  5. Silicon Sam

    Silicon Sam Guest

    ....I think you mean Dedicated Micros.
  6. J. Sloud

    J. Sloud Guest

    Philips has been selling a 32 channel unit for at least 4 years. The
    newest version Bosch DiBos is a really nice 32 channel system that can
    handle IP cameras and was designed to be networked. There are many
    others on the market.
  7. pcbutts1

    pcbutts1 Guest

  8. pcbutts1

    pcbutts1 Guest

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