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DVD spindle motor - NEED REPLACEMENT ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by SilverBullet, Feb 17, 2004.

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  1. SilverBullet

    SilverBullet Guest

    My portable DVD player is an Initial portable DVD and 1 month after
    warrenty it stopped spinning up to speed. I think it is the spindle
    motor. I took the thing apart it had a label Supreming RF251 D/V D2
    29 26 02 on the side of the motor. Is there anyway to test to make
    sure this is the bad part and if so where do i find such a thing.

    Silver Bullet
  2. Tymanthius

    Tymanthius Guest

  3. Andy Cuffe

    Andy Cuffe Guest

    If it's just a basic DC motor with 2 wires, similar to a CD player
    splindle motor, you can test is easily. If you have an analog VOM
    (not a DMM) you can connect it across the motor in the R x1 and slowly
    rotate the motor. The resistance should stay pretty constant as you
    rotate it and never go very high, or very low. Ususally, the VOM will
    supply enough current for the motor to rotate quickly on its own.

    If you don't have an analog VOM, you can try connecting a 1.5v AA cell
    across it (after you unsolder it from the DVD player). The motor
    should rotate with a fairly constant torque. Pay particular attention
    to any dead spots where it can be stopped and not restart unless you
    give it a spin by hand.

    If it passes this test, it's probably not the motor. 90% of the DVD
    players I see have bad optical pickups.
    Andy Cuffe
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