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DVD recorders

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Seafarer, Apr 19, 2005.

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  1. Seafarer

    Seafarer Guest

    As I'm well out of touch with the current DVD recorders can you tell
    me if they have settled down for a standard yet.My VCR is on its way
    out and some of the new DVD recording machines are pretty cheap.100
    pounds in one UK supermarket with 6 hours recording to disc.As some
    others are over 250 pounds I seem to recall there was a dispute over
    which type of machine would end up in our homes,just like the old
    Betamax days.
    I know some record to a hard drive and some don't.Any advice will be
  2. sarah

    sarah Guest

    In May panasonic brings out their new models. Wait for those.
  3. Seafarer

    Seafarer Guest

    thanks for that,had a bad experience with Pan but if they are good
    I'll wait and see.Regards
  4. Hi,

    No they havn't settled on a standard format but its not so bad as the old
    VHS/BETA/V2000 days as most recorders will do more than one format and of
    course the discs are the same size unlike the old days of tape!

    Multi format recorders seem to be the future.

    Sony are into DVD+R, DVD-R (write once) and DVD-RW & DVD+RW (rewrite) but
    not DVD-RAM which is Panasonic's baby! For day to day recording an HD model
    is the best option, then you can dump anything you wan't to a DVD disc.

  5. Sony and Toshiba have come to an agreement to come up with a third standard
    for HD recording which will incorporate both BR and HD-DVD.

  6. You're right, I'd forgotton about HD - and then there's BLU-RAY . Perhaps
    the VHS/BETA war will skip standard definition and happen again for HD
    recording. Perhaps JVC will pitch in with some sort of HD-VHS!!!

  7. HD VCRs have been around for a while now. JVC is part of the Blu-Ray camp
    for HD recorders. There appears to be an aggreement between the two camps,
    led by Sony and Toshiba to produce one product with the advantages of both
    to avoid a format war. The format confusion has already existed for DVD
    recording for SD but is largely irrelevant due to the pervasiveness of
    multi-format devices.

  8. Seafarer

    Seafarer Guest

    Thanks for that,I think I've sort of got it.If I want to use the DVD
    as VCR then in should be HD Right?or at least DVD RW.Thanks.
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