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DVD recorders

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Ken G., Dec 29, 2003.

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  1. Ken G.

    Ken G. Guest

    I brought home a DVD recorder to try out .
    It sure is impressive how super clear it records stuff . 100 times
    better than a VCR . only problem is its a Philips brand never know if
    the stuff will work the next day even though it is brand new .
    This one will record on standard RW disks so i can erase also . The
    recorded disk can be played directly into any other player without doing
    anything . This thing really makes a VCR look bad !

    I played around with a Panasonic but it took special disks and some
    formating & other goofing around . its disks would not play on other
    players .
  2. Neil

    Neil Guest

    Never REALLY know if anything will work in the near future lately.
    Buy it, spend $15.00 on a 3 year extended warranty, and have fun with it.
    The only guarantee you'll ever get in this lifetime is Death and Taxes.
  3. les

    les Guest

    I bought a recordable DVD too, and the way it works is that the RW disks
    need to be finalized or closed, as do the write-once variety. If you don't
    the disk, it will be readable only to that unit. By closing it, you can now
    play it on
    other units that support the same format, IE +R or -R . For now this still
    seems to be a problem as not all desktop DVD players are cross-format
    capable. You have to "try-and-see" if it works......................
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