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DVD Recorder

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by James Thompson, Jun 11, 2006.

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  1. Hi I have a Dvd recorder with a built in HD.
    The guy set it up so that my Foxtel Digital goes straight to the DVD
    recorder first then to the TV.
    So to watch Foxtel you have to have the Dvd recorder on.
    My question is, my mum watches foxtel all day lomg as well as all night
    Will this damage my dvd recorder or its hard drive to be on for such a long
    period of time, can it overheat ?

    What should I do, is there another way ?

  2. Guest

    If the FOXTEL box has 2 sets of output sockets, you may be able to
    connect one set to the tv, and the other set to the DVD recorder.

    If there are 2 video output sockets, one may be composite and the other
    S-VHS. If niether the recorder or tv has a S-VHS input, an adaptor can
    be used to convert the S-VHS ouput to composite.

    Two Y lead adaptors can be used to split the audio output sockets to
    connect to the tv and recorder if there is only one pair of audio
    output sockets.

    Another way is to tune the tv to the R.F. output from the FOXTEL box
    which I expect it has.
    If this is done you will not have stereo sound.

    Russell Griffiths.
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