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DVD Recorder

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by William Hogan, Dec 5, 2004.

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  1. If I buy a DVD Recorder, can I just plug leads into it from a standard DVd
    player, and copy a DVD ?
    Is it that easy ?
  2. **Yep.

    UNLESS that DVD you're trying to copy is copy protected (which is 99.999% of
    them). Then you're screwed. No DVD recorder will allow copying from a
    copyright source. In fact, DVD recorders won't even allow copying from
    certain VHS tapes. The only way you can circumvent it, is to copy them on a
  3. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Trevor Wilson" <>

    ** Hey, TW, welcome back !!

    I can see your posts again on both TPG and NIN.

    Will such wonders ever cease.

    ............... Phil
  4. Guest

    I'm actually able to play commercial VHS tapes into my Panasonic DVD
    recorder. It's 100% factory clean - no region or firmware hacks or
    anything like that. No problems with Foxtel either, I've seen some
    complaints about people having difficulty recording from the movie
    channels due to them broadcasting with Macrovision, but my DVD recorder
    doesn't skip a beat.

    Maybe it's just luck that the input circuitry happens to thwart
    Macrovision? I purchased it from DSE.
  5. **Not likely. Focus on these words:

    In fact, DVD recorders won't even allow copying from certain VHS tapes.

  6. Allan

    Allan Guest

    Use a Video stabiliser b/t the two, it will remove macrovision.
  7. **It will, but the recorder will still not record to DVD in most cases.
  8. Why?

    Nicholas Sherlock
  9. **Copy protection, I presume.
  10. Dave

    Dave Guest

    The only copy protection I'm aware of in the video signal, (which is
    what you're trying to copy), is the Macrovision.

    A stabiliser _might_ remove this - there are various versions of
    Macrovision, the later ones are more resistant. I believe they're up to
    version 4.

  11. WDino

    WDino Guest

    The better "video stabilisers" will allow copying of ALL DVDs via composite or
    s-video. Anti-copying such as Macrovision is just part of of the video signal
    and so can easily be removed.

    The only problem now is if you try to copy them using the digital signal sockets
    (if your DVD recorder has one). The codes for that have been broken but similar
    "stabilisers" are not currently available.
  12. Allan

    Allan Guest

    What does it do when you try to record?
    Does the machine say its copy protected, or is it attempting to record and
    when you play it back its not watchable.
    Is it a Format issue?
    EG NTSC Vs Pal or something like that?
    because the CCR9 seems to fix all the 'copy protection' problems?
  13. **It records for about 5 mins, then shuts down, issing a warning that the
    tapes are copyright.
    **I already feed the signal through a Macrovision remover. The recording is
    quite watchable. The DVD recorder detects something else. I have found three
    (NTSC) tapes which do this, so far.
  14. **I use a Macrovision remover. The problem is not with that.
    **Perhaps that is the problem.
  15. David

    David Guest

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