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DVD Recorder and VCR Help please

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by James Thompson, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. Hi I have a DVD Recorder with HD, and I want to record some stuff from my
    However when I went to try it, it comes up with a message that my TV is not
    compatible with this DVD Recorder.

    What should I do, is there some settings on my TV I should change ?
    My TV is pretty new, only about 2 years old.
    Any adice much appreciated.

  2. TT

    TT Guest

    OK read carefully .

    What Make/Model?
    What Make/Model?
    What Make/Model? And how is all this stuff connected? What
    leads are you using connected to what?
    Be a little more specific ;-)
    Cheers TT
  3. Allan

    Allan Guest

    Strange that the TV tells you its not compatible?

    Do you get this message when you are trying to record or just playing a DVD?
    What make/ model gear have you got?
    Are you using AV leads to connect the TV to the DVD recorder?
  4. yes AV leads.
    Its a Pioneer DVD Recorder and a LG TV, the problem is only trying to record
    from the VCR to DVD recorder.
  5. **It is likely that you are trying to record copyright material. (Naughty,
    naughty). You need a Macrovision defeat system, if you wish to violate the
    law with such impunity.

  6. Hmmmm, smells like copy protection to me. Are the tapes commercial
    ones ? If so, do you have the same problems with tapes you record
    yourself ?

    If this is the problem, you may be able to accomplish the recording
    with the aid of a "video enhancer" connected between the VCR & the DVD


    Dave (one of the many)
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