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DVD player

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by pakdog, May 27, 2004.

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  1. pakdog

    pakdog Guest

    DVD's played through my television make a loud and regular popping sound.
    The components are:

    Philips Magnavox Smart Series Televsion, 1998

    CyberHome Mini DVD Player CH-DVD 320, 2003

    RadioShack Video RF Modulator, 2003 (why we needed this is an open
    question to me but the DVD's wouldn't play when we ran the cables straight
    to the TV set from the DVD player so we visited RadioShack and they sold
    us on the RF Modulator)

    One other thing is that the popping sound goes away when I switch from
    75ohms to 1k on the video cable throughput. However, this drastically
    degrades the picture quality so it's not a real solution.

    Any ideas what's happening and what I can do to make it stop?

  2. could you use the 750 ohm for picture and 1kohm for sound?
  3. perhaps interference? Try turning off devices that may be using the same lines.
  4. Stooble

    Stooble Guest

    The components are:
    How about giving some details of the type of AV inputs the TV has (a picture
    if you can post) and the DVD outputs (a picture if you can post) otherwise
    it is hard to help.
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