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dvd player/sound sync - general question

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Michael Muderick, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. I've experienced lip sync problems with some dvd's on different players. Is
    this usually a fault of the player or the dvd?
    Are there adjustments?
  2. Guest

    Could be either or both. This is a well known problem that affects many
    dvd players, cheap or expensive. It is generic to DVD I think. Some
    people say it worse with digital audio than with analogue.

    There are multiple factors.

    1. The player. Just Google and you will see that many brands are said
    to have this problem. Sony, Pioneer, as well as unknown brands.
    2. The movie itself. Some movies are just plain out of sync to begin
    with, and the DVD reflects this. Lost In Space is an example.

    3. The DVD iItself. Pioneer DVD players and Village Roadshow DVDs are a
    potent combination, and frequently exhibit this fault, though the same
    player playing other DVDs will play them without a problem and
    conversely the same DVD played on another player will also play back
    without a problem.

    4. Firmware revision. Sometimes updating firmware can make a

    4. Individual sensitivity to the problem. Different people are more or
    less sensitive to this problem. Personally, I pick it every time and
    find it extremely distressing, whereas others watching exactly the same
    disc at exactly the same time either notice nothing or barely notice
    anything wrong.
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