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DVD Player intermittent, periodic scraping noise

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by default, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. default

    default Guest

    Our medium old JVC player has been making a periodic scraping noise that
    comes and goes. Sometimes it starts up when the DVD is inserted, and
    sometimes after it's been playing a while. The noise is periodic and
    obviously related to the rotation of the disk. It doesn't seem to affect
    the signal quality (so far).

    Whatever is scraping, it doesn't seem to be hitting the bottom surface of
    the disk, as there's no obvious scratches after playing.

    Is this a sign of impending failure? Is there likely anything simple I
    can do to prolong the life of the player (I'm willing and able to open
    the case), or should I plan a purchase in the near future? We have no
    backup and being without a player for even a few days will have a
    noticeable impact on home life!


    -- Joel
  2. Sometimes suspension springs or rubber sags a bit and a disc may scrape.
    Sometimes on the edge of the disc.Sometimes a visual inspection will tell
    the tale, although some newer machines have the mech pretty well enclosed.
    To fix it, compression springs can be stretched a bit, rubbers can be
    shimmed, although the unit may be more prone to interference from mechanical

    Mark Z.
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