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DVD and CD Playing in Fast Forward

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by thegonz14, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. thegonz14

    thegonz14 Guest


    First, here are my related PC specs (it's a Dell Dimension 8250)
    - Win XP Pro SP1
    - P4 2.52
    - 512 RAM
    - GeoForce4 MX 420 Graphics
    - Sount Blaster Live Series
    - Sony DVD -RW DRU-820A
    - NEC CD-RW 9300A

    I have an odd problem playing DVD's and CD's. Basically, music and
    video's are playing in fast forward. Not so much so that you can't see
    or hear like a normal fast forward but at sort of hyper speed - maybe
    1.5x so the sound is a bit garbled and video is jumpy.

    I have had the CD and DVD players working with no problem over 6
    months. It all started happening after I rented a DVD that I didn't
    notice had a huge scratch in it. I was watching it on my TV's DVD
    player and it wouldn't go past a certain point so I tried it in my PC's
    DVD player. It played a little further but still had issues around the
    same time frame. On my PC it gave an error popup - something to the
    effect of not being able to read the DVD. I tried a couple of times
    and gave up. But, ever since then I've had the hyper speed problems.

    I've done a bunch of troubleshooting already -
    - Checked for DMA/IRQ conflicts and don't see any.
    - Tried playing DVD's and CD's in different software - VLC, Windows
    Media Player, Real Player, Nero Showtime - all had the same issue.
    - Thinking it might be my DVD player I contacted Sony, they ran me
    through a bunch of updates including updating my ASPI and the DVD
    firmware - same issue.
    - Uninstalled and re-installed Nero (the suite was bundled with the
    - Uninstalled and re-installed both CD and DVD players - same issue.
    - Finally, I tried the DVD and CD players on a different PC that I have
    and they both worked fine.

    I am at a loss now - not sure what it could be at this point. I wanted
    to check if anyone had any ideas on what the problem is before I go do
    a clean install of XP? I'm just hoping it isn't something with the
    system board IDE connections.

    Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. rockie2323

    rockie2323 Guest

  3. I think I'd try a differnt DVD-CD drive.

    Mark Z.
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