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Duracell dumbness

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by William Sommerwerck, Apr 17, 2010.

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  1. Mallory * has been running a Duracell commercial showing technicians working
    in wind towers. They're using what are said to be "high-voltage" meters, but
    which appear to be clamp-on ammeters. We're told these meters "keep them
    safe", and they therefore rely on Duracell /rechargeable/ batteries.

    Hello? If I need an electronic device to keep me safe, the /last/ thing I
    want powering it is rechargeable batteries. Rechargeables can poop out when
    you most need them. Alkaline primaries decline slowly, so I can easily see
    when they're near the end, and replace them in good time.

    * The company long ago changed its name to Duracell, but it will always be
    Mallory to me, just as their competitor will always be Eveready. (Or Union
    Carbide, for that matter.)
  2. ha, do you like the klaxon noise and danger graphics they add to the
    meters in the commercial too?
  3. Mallory * has been running a Duracell commercial showing
    Anything to hype the product, right?
  4. Mallory * has been running a Duracell commercial showing
    Duracells are the only alkalines I've ever had leak. Eveready and Toshiba
    never have.
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