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Dual SIM Mobilr Phone

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by AJ, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. AJ

    AJ Guest

    Hi All,

    I am trying to find a mobile phone that can accept 2 x SIM cards that are
    both on the network at the same time. Im guessing this can't be done but
    can anyone confirm? I have seen the dual SIM holders that require the user
    to power off/on the phone but this is no good for me.


  2. two bob

    two bob Guest

    I am trying to find a mobile phone that can accept 2 x SIM cards that are
    Place one sim into the phone then divert it to the other sim. Then put the
    other sim in the phone. This, in effect, gives the same result. Other than
    that, I suppose you will have to go live in a country that has what you
  3. There was some character selling off dual card holders and he had a list of
    which phones took a dual holder
  4. jasen

    jasen Guest

    I remember that we told him to bugger off, someone had a cheaper supplier

  5. GB

    GB Guest

    ACK that this doesn't answer the OP's question, but this is an
    interesting "new desing" nonetheless:


  6. GB

    GB Guest

    Finally the keyword popped into my head. Keyword is "Benefon",
    a manufacturer that goes the extra mile with things like
    dual-sim phones, and phones with GPS built in (gps built in
    6-8 years ago).

    Something called the "Benefon Twin" does dual sim.


    Note, by reading between the lines get the impression that it's
    still only one sim at a time in actual operation. There's a bunch
    of technical issues that make having both sims working and subscribed
    at once substantially more complex. I'm not going to go into them
    here though, they should be pretty obvious.

    Hope this helps,

  7. Not possible.
    But get two phones and a tube of superglue and your problems are solved

    Dave :)
  8. GB

    GB Guest

    When I was a boy, doing technical support somewhere, we used to
    get those big lacky bands that the posties use, and tie our telephones
    together that way!

  9. Mark Harriss

    Mark Harriss Guest

    Then get the other tech's phone and press the ear piece against
    an ink stamp pad and ring his phone so he had an inky ear.
  10. AJ

    AJ Guest

    Thanks all for your replies...
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