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dual output dc/dc converters with +-12V output

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Mike Noone, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. Mike Noone

    Mike Noone Guest

    Hi - I need a DC/DC converter/controller that gives about a +-12V
    regulated output. It can be less than that or greater than that, but it
    needs to be very clean. Load current should peak at under 1ma on both
    lines. I have 3.3V and 5V supplies available. I feel like this should
    be a very basic, simple, common component but I can't find any parts
    that meet these specs. I'm thinking I'm just searching for the wrong
    thing. I found the MAX680 which mostly looks OK, but it's not

    Any suggestions? I can't believe I'm having difficulty finding such a


  2. Have a look at LT1533 from linear, and AN70 from Linear

  3. Mike Noone

    Mike Noone Guest

    Hi Martin - I'm really hoping for something more integrated than that.
    I looked further into it and peak current should be maxing out at about
    250 micro amps. I think AN70 is more about designing higher current


  4. OK, maybe a cockroft walton missmash driven fron a nand gate
    osculator, since you only need a ma or so

  5. James Waldby

    James Waldby Guest

    Page 8 of the LT1615 data sheet shows a dual supply, 4 ma +- 20V,C1,C1003,C1042,C1031,C1061,P2245,D1687 [url all on one line] Also see LT3464.

    Probably not as quiet as you want - unlike the LT1533, which is
    advertised as "ultra quiet", the LT1615, LT1615-1, and LT3464 are
    just low-power boost converters. You'd need to add some filtering
    and/or regulation.

  6. Mike Noone

    Mike Noone Guest

    At +-20V that would give me plenty of room for linear regulation - and
    4ma gives me plenty of breathing room. External parts count is fairly
    low, so I'd say that this seems like a good solution.


  7. Mike Noone

    Mike Noone Guest

    I'm pretty sure you're just making that name up, since Google's never
    even heard of it ;)

  8. Just use 'Cockroft Walton'. The 'missmash', was probably a mispelling of
    'mishmash'. These are used in just about every common high voltage supply
    around. Very commonly used from NE555's, rather than nand gates (more
    drive), to generate low power supplies.

    Best Wishes
  9. samiam

    samiam Guest

    You could use the hin232 or max232 ttl-to-rs232 level converters. They
    put out +-10v. But it depends on whether your application requires the
    extra 2 volts.

    I had a dac/op amp application that I simply redesigned to run off
    the outputs of the level converters and I was able to drive the entire
    system with +5v
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