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Dual concentric speaker

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by N_Cook, Jun 14, 2011.

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  1. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    Roland cube , tweeter over the 10 inch bass unit. Stands on what seems to be
    a plastic stem passing through the bass cone, wires to it passing through
    that cone also. How to remove the tweeter section to get to ,hopefully,
    failing wiring joint that is normally covered by the dome of a single normal
    speaker. There is a square recess in that stem, a "Frenchman" to break a
    plastic weld joint ? no fixings proper seen anywhere.
  2. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    Which speaker element isn't working? Removing the tweeter support
    should be unnecessary for either repair job.


    Working unreliably but not with me of course, probably loss of bass if
    speaker problem. Accessible joint at cone between a pigtail and
    intermediary? wire was suspect but as it did not look like VC wire I assume
    there is another join further in under a ring , access obscured by the
    tweeter assembly.
    Problem may also have been the "Recording Out" socket with 2 bypass switches
    inside the Jalco 1/4 in socket. One reduces the speaker output and one cuts
    speaker supply , via control (not carrying speaker current), I don't know
    why , perhaps one functions with mono and other with stereo jack inserted
    via pcb links (not seen as have not taken apart the whole amp). The closure
    force on the reducing contact only about 200 gram compared to about 400 gram
    on the full cut one
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