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DTV question..

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by KC, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. KC

    KC Guest

    Just upgraded from an old analog tv to a Samsung DTV. The first
    problem I noticed is the lip sync audio-to-video time delay on NBC's
    national digital programs. While analog broadcast has some small time
    delay, digital has 2x-3x more delay, making it almost impossible to
    watch. Local station in-house digital programming does not have any
    more delay than analog, but as soon as they switch to national
    programming, the delay goes to hell. ABC & CBS does not have nearly
    the delay that NBC has. I brought the problem to the attention of the
    local NBC station, but they said & did nothing.
    Does anyone else notice the problem, or is it generated by my local

  2. Deke

    Deke Guest

    You didnt mention what your A/V setup is, but what source are you using for
    your video/audio?

  3. KC

    KC Guest

    The same problem exists OTA or cable. Input is via the rf connector.

  4. KC

    KC Guest

    Thanks Doug. A very informative reply. Sounds very similar to what I'm
    seeing. I forwarded it to the local station engineer.

  5. KC

    KC Guest

    I began a dialog with the local NBC station engineer. Here's his
    opinion of the problem:

    "Part of the problem (foundational) is that SMPTE (creates standards
    for television) chose not to include a method to synchronize video and
    audio packets in the new digital standards in order to leave more
    bandwidth available to improve quality. As a result, there is no way
    to exactly re-match video/audio once they are separated from one
    another. Networks and stations throughout the country struggle with
    this problem and vendors are working hard to develop equipment to help
    meet and "hopefully" correct this issue.
    My (his) personal position is that SMPTE failed to ensure a standard
    that enables video and audio to remain synchronous throughout the
    encoding and decoding process. This failure to create a solid
    standard now requires each network and station to have to go out and
    purchase additional equipment to correct for a flawed standard. We
    are building on a cracked foundation."

    All that being said, I see a huge national backlash against digital TV
    come Feb. '09. A large portion of folks will buy new DTV's, only to
    find out they have a nice picture they can't stand to watch because of
    lip sync problems. I see congress & the FCC being swamped with
    complaints. The whole mess is easily comparable to government "aid"
    from the FEMA!!!

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