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dtmf tones

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Prospecting Sucks, Sep 6, 2004.

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  1. I use a voiceblast system which allows me to keep up to date with
    customers and clients. The problem I have is that I have to call into
    a toll-free number and then using my telephone keypad I need to key in
    the telephone numbers (with area-code) of the people I want to receive
    my voiceblast. After I input each telephone number I have to input the
    number "1" to confirm the telephone number.

    The problem I have is that I have hundreds of customers and it is very
    time consuming to have to key these numbers in each time.

    Does anyone know of a program where I can point it to a TEXT file and
    have it play the telephone numbers over the modem? Basically just read
    the numbers using DTMF tones over the modem line?


  2. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Look for the standard modem codes as created by Hayes.
    Basically, you want to issue to the modem various text codes:
    1) Off hook
    Repeat until done
    2) Dial digit sequence
    3) wait code(s)
    end repeat
    4) On hook
    Naturally, you would have an initial sequence - the dialing of the
    required tool free number.
    Then you would have dummy wait codes - sufficient to ensure that the
    receiving end is not "talking" but is in a "listen" state - but not too
    long that it gives up and hangs up on you.
    Next is the repetitive lookup and dialing the numbers.

    As i vaguely remember, the "dial digit sequence" command is ATDT (yes,
    in caps - i think a few modems will respond if lower case is used, but
    ALL will respond with upper case).
    So, to continue, a sequence might look like ATDT (503) 555-1212 with a
    <CR><LF> (carriage return and line feed) at the end of the sequence.
    Note one can have "junk" characters like the parenthesis and dash and
    space - they are ignored and are not needed.
    I think the "wait code" is the ~ character.
    I think the "off hook" code is OH (or ATOH) and the "on hook" code is
    ATH .
    Each command is on a seperate line terminated with the <CR><LF>
    Somewhere in my off-site storage i may have a copy of the complete set
    of codes, which contains many obscure and essentially unused commands.
    If some of the above info is incorrect, and you cannot find the Hayes
    command protocol on the web, let me know and i will see if that info is
    in the remote pile (preparation H not withstanding).

    You would "send" the text file that has all of the commands, using a
    DOS command
    (replace your own file name) after setting up the data rate, etc with
    the MODE command.
    I would expect that this will *not* work with any MS WinDoze OS other
    than Win3.11 or older, as these newer OSes are jealous masters - but it
    does not hurt to try.
  3. Guest

    So you spam people by phone? Not exactly something I want to
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