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DSP Radio - Change of Ferrite Rod to improve RF gain and signal stabililty

Discussion in 'Radio and Wireless' started by Low Seng Kuang, May 25, 2018.

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  1. Low Seng Kuang

    Low Seng Kuang

    Jan 28, 2018

    I have a Tecsun R2010D 12 DSP band radio.

    The operating voltage is 4.5 volt. However I find that even the strong Short Wave station is not stable, it is "shivering" on new batteries.

    I am not certain if I increase to 6 Volt using external power source will solve the issue.

    I am thinking of changing its ferrite rod to another one wire pure copper wire, but my worry is that will the Digital Tuning Meter Display become out of alignment and stop to show accurate frequency. Is my worry correct?

    I have successfully change the ferrite rod of another DSP Radio (KAIDE 2005A) with manual tuning, the RF gain is extraordinary now. Will the same work with this DSP Radio?

    Appreciate if experts in this area could give valuable guidance.

    Thank you


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  2. (*steve*)

    (*steve*) ¡sǝpodᴉʇuɐ ǝɥʇ ɹɐǝɥd Moderator

    Jan 21, 2010
    What do you mean "shivering"?

    No idea. What did you do to the other radio?
  3. kellys_eye


    Jun 25, 2010
    The coil on the ferrite rod is part of the input tuning stage - changing the ferrite will change the properties (resonance) of the tuning circuits.

    Whether or not this 'helps' the radios performance depends on how well the coil/ferrite was constructed in the first place. Normal practice is to tune to a station and then slide the coil up/down the ferrite until you get maximum signal strength.

    Maybe you could try simply moving the coil on the existing ferrite and see if it improves things.
  4. 73's de Edd

    73's de Edd

    Aug 21, 2015
    Sir Low Seng Kuang . . . . .

    I would interpret that as a very fast reception fade in and out.
    Its to radio reception . . . .hopeless . . . . as is adjunct thermal tremor, to telescopy.

    Since the front end on this unit is analog, it is handling RF in the same manner as the older radios.
    HOWEVER . . . . did the other one that you mentioned not have initially have an internal ferrite rod being used within it ?
    With you then possibly adding on a long ferrite rod antenna, in place of it . . . possibly even externally ?

    AND this would only relate to the two AM bands, as I believe that a dedicated ferrite rod antenna would probably be used for those bands only, with a completely separate set of antenna coils tuning and being used for the 5.6-----22 Mhz SW bands spread..

    Sooooooo is your main concern being the two AM broadcast bands ? . . .with you possibly having poor sensitivity ?

    PLUS, if you have been inside of your unit yet, your unit ALREADY incorporates a nice size ferrite rod antenna
    inside, only being limited by the cases size.

    If you inspect and check, it has 3 spaced Litz wire windings , but with them all being series connected, for a resultant two wire end connection into the tuning condenser. That would only be for the AM bands . Much smaller and different antenna coils, are being needed for 5.6-22.

    FERRITE ROD AM BC ANTENNA . . . . . (located at the very top of the unit) . . . . . . . .


    And then, finally, here is more techno evaluative info, than you would EVER-EVER-EVER expect to be finding on that Tecsun R2010D unit.

    No extra charge . . . here is the RF chip used internally . . .

    73's de Edd
    Last edited: May 26, 2018
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  5. Low Seng Kuang

    Low Seng Kuang

    Jan 28, 2018
    Thank you very much for your info and the image. I have just completed the replacement of the ferrite rod. The signal is now bolder and stronger, the only shortcoming is that like other DSP Radio, when the signal weekend, the sound pulses a fraction of a second and resume at a lower level.
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