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DSP Algorithms and Hardware

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Sarsij N, Jul 7, 2004.

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  1. Sarsij N

    Sarsij N Guest

    hi ppl
    I am sending this to you so as to gain some information regarding the
    field of DSP in the world outside the class-room and the university
    Can any one of you please let me know the requirements of the current
    DSP industry, when mixed with a bit of chip design for the DSP
    First of all I will let you know the things which I am capable of
    doing, then I would like to get your comments. So here are my
    qualifications and capabilities:
    I have some univerity level knowledge of DSP algorithms, then I am
    easy going with HLLs like C,C++. I am well aware of Assembly level
    prgramming of 8085 microprocessor , also I have the working knowledge
    with programming experience of ADSP 2101 and ADSP 2192. Last but not
    the least I am working on Verilog right now and trying to learn the
    skills of Embedded Systems, but it's level only bookish.
    So can you now suggest what shuld I do in these areas so as to get a
    job in the field of DSP having at least someinclination towards the
    chip design for the DSP based applications.
    kindly comment and send me some guidelines.
    thanking you in anticipation
    <Sarsij Nayanam>
  2. Guest

    Sarsij Nayanam? Are you a US citizen.
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