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DSE T2200 soldering station

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Wayne., Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. Wayne.

    Wayne. Guest

    DSE has it on sale at the moment down from $100 to $70.

    I know they sell tips for it, but what other manufactures are
    'compatible' with this device?
  2. terryc

    terryc Guest

    Check which part(s) is/are missing for the reduction.
    Old DS trick.
  3. Wayne.

    Wayne. Guest

    My thought was they are trying to clear shelf space for a newer model.
  4. Wayne.

    Wayne. Guest

    I have a N25D Nicholson that I bought through DSE.

    Finding compatible tips for it, is proving very difficult.
  5. They've had that same model for 20+ years or something, must be some kind of
    record. Likely as so-so as it always was, but probably good value at $70.
    A Hakko 936 goes for twice that price.

    Nothing unusual about DSE dropping prices like that, they do it reguallry
    for all sorts of products, no trickery involved.

  6. The T2260 iron uses the same tips as well.
    Almost certainly branded under other names as well, but couldn't tell you
    A distant memory is Micron brand perhaps?

  7. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker Guest

    Didn't the T2200 replace the almost identical T2000 about 10-15 years ago?

    The parts might even be interchangeable - I don't know.
  8. KR

    KR Guest

    Agreed - if you keep an eye on their specials, you can often find deep
    discounts on all sorts of things, even if they aren't 'clearance'
    items, including components, kits, heat sinks, cases etc.
    Nothing wrong with them, and as far as I know most items are still
    covered by the standard no questions asked money back "satisfaction
    guarantee" if returned in original packaging and condition.
    OMG - Its still around !
    Try 26 years !

    I bought one of those new in (late?) 1983, and I'm sure that back then
    it was only about $50 ?
    also the base was blue in colour.

    Wasn't the world's best Iron for professional or constant use, with
    mine the cable failed internally - so I replaced it with a standard 4
    core, and then a couple years later the heating element failed.
    I don't think the tips lasted as long as better irons, but the 2009
    model might be very different for all I know.
    I bought another one in the mid 1980's and with care it lasted a few
    more years, until I could afford the $250 or so for a professional
    (Note: this was a LOT more money than it sounds today, could easily be
    a weeks wages back then for many.)

    OK for the price, and hobbyists with light use would probably get good
    value out of it for $70.
    You pay a lot more for a professional Iron.

    The T2200 tips aren't compatible with the Weller WTCP series either,
    even though back then the 2 irons looked somewhat similar. The modern
    one might have improved, or gotten worse, only one way to find out.
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