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DSE SD Set Top Box

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Kissing Lettuce, Jun 2, 2005.

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  1. Not a bad little product

    Some questions though.

    It isn't mentioned much in the manual but where and how
    do you upgrade the software for this. The STB has an
    RS-232 serial port on the back. Anyone played around with
    this feature?

    I can get ABC, ABC2, and ABC Adelaide, Nine Digital, Ten
    Digital and the Ten Guide as well as the EPG. The only
    channel I can't get is 7.

    Anyone know of a decent indoor antenna for this STB? Everything
    except channel 7 is working on this.

    Oh and do any of the channels do Teletext?


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  2. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Kissing Lettuce"

    ** Yep - got one myself.

    ** Ask the nice folk at DSE - they have a phone number.

    ** But where are you - in a country town ???

    ** No indoor antennal is good if you are in a fringe area or dead zone.

    Ch 7 does.

    ........ Phil
  3. Brissie

    Brissie Guest

    Does 7 Adelaide broadcast a digital signal?

  4. I like it it's quite cool

    I plan to do just that Phil

    In the metro area. I don't think Salisbury is a fringe suburb
    is it?

    See above

    Thanks Phil
  5. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Kissing Lettuce"

    ** Above does not tell me if you are in a dead zone of dead spot.

    Successful indoor antenna usage is a matter of pure serendipity - depending
    on the actual building design, surrounding buildings and particular location
    of the antenna.

    However, if you have a viewable analogue pic - then the digital one ( if it
    exists at all) should be fine.

    ........... Phil
  6. Chriz

    Chriz Guest

    Once upon a time Kissing Lettuce decided to write:
    Got one just yesterday. Happy with it so far.
    You forgot about SBS and possibly any other special digital TV stations in
    your city/town (Macquarie for me). All stations should also have a guide
    station, not just Ten.
    I assume most do. Ten and Seven seems to have it when I checked.

    A roof aerial is recommended, however if analogue reception was good you
    should be able to easily get digital with an indoor aerial.
  7. When I set up my mum's STB (different brand, with a roof aerial) it
    wouldn't tune in channel 9. I had to connect it directly to the aerial
    feed (rather than have it daisy-chained after a VCR and a DVD recorder)
    to tune it successfully - I think the VCR was just too much of a drain
    on the signal strength. This _could_ be your problem.
  8. Some people have had success using amplified indoor antennas from DSE. If it
    doesn't help they'll give you a refund too.
  9. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    FWIW, here are the corresponding instructions for a Legend model LSD2
    STB. At the very least you'll get a laugh out of them.

    Put the cursor on the Factory Setting instruction to enter its submenu
    and which shows us as:
    Entry needs cypher

    System info: to show the software version, date etc. related

    Restore default: to reset the installation. Note: all the data former
    your set will be cleared if you confirm the reset

    Software update: to update your built-in software of the device
    through PC to box or box to box the two manners; the following is the
    operation steps of an instance:

    PC to box: connect the serial data interfaces of the PC and the box
    with serial cable and make sure that the two interfaces are accordant;
    dblclick the '.exe program upgrade.exe as right side

    Open the Setup menu and select the correct interface on your computer
    (as the right illustration interface COM 1 is illustrated);

    Press the OK instruction to pitch on the COM1

    Force down the icon UPGRADE to spring out the dialog box with words
    "upgrade progress"

    Turn off the box and then turn it on to choose the PC to box
    instruction to start the upgrade and the upgrading program will be
    downloaded to the box.
    Restart the box to complete the upgrading.

    Box to box: do not connect the serial cable firstly. To pitch on the
    instruction of Box to Box in the menu of Software Upgrade, define one
    the box that owns higher version software as the master and the other
    as the slave; to display the Master Box phrase on the master box,
    press the OK key to wait until the monitor display "downloading..."
    character. The same operation on the slave box to show the
    "Receiving..: character; then to connect the serial cable well to
    download the software and the screen will show the pace of download.
    After download, the monitor of the slave box shows "Burning...". After
    burning, the slave monitor turns into blank screen; the upgrade has
    been accomplished

    Note: The two descriptions above-mentioned just belong to the samples.
    Serve for the reference only. Attention that the process of upgrade
    does not allow the power cutting or the STB will be damaged

    - Franc Zabkar
  10. Bazil

    Bazil Guest

    I think that belongs in the Chinglish thread...
  11. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** Staff ( et management) at DSE wisely elected to write their own handbook
    for the DSE STB.

    How hard can it be for someone to take home the Asian manual and a sample
    of the product to play with for a few days - then write out all the
    ambiguities and delete all the silly / unneeded stuff.

    .......... Phil
  12. AndiP

    AndiP Guest

    Next to Elizabeth. May as well be in Port Agutta.
  13. Lord-Data

    Lord-Data Guest

    [ ] [ Irdeto Card Sharing Resources & Other Sat TV Interests ]
    [ ]

    You can also email the support email addy from the dse webpage, they will
    email you back the firmware .. I got an update for mine the other day.. You
    will need a null modem cable to do the upgrade tho, and DSE no longer sell
    these ..
  14. Chriz

    Chriz Guest

    Once upon a time Lord-Data decided to write:
    Is the firmware actually necessary?
  15. Lord-Data

    Lord-Data Guest

    I havnt installed it yet .. still yet to actually get a null modem cable :)
    I've had no issues with mine .. works flawlessly, never crashed or failed ..
    I dunno whats added in the firmware ..
  16. Guest

    I actually used to work for DSE Powerhouse. All I can say is their DSE
    branded STB's are rubbish.

    Your pretty lucky, considering most that bought them, returned them
    with faults.
  17. steam3801

    steam3801 Guest

    <Reviews cmwmjt's previous posting history ..... Wonders : now why am
    I thinking about a credibility issue here .....>
  18. Guest

    I find the debouncing of the on/off key on the box and the remote
    really bad. I try and press the button to turn the set off and most of
    the time it turns off and then back on again.
  19. Chriz

    Chriz Guest

    Once upon a time decided to write:
    Well the Teac ones cost the same (around $148). Anyone own one of these? If
    so, are they good or would you know if they're better than the DSE ones. I
    may buy another in the future and may try the Teac one.

  20. So a bog standard serial cable won't work? Bugger!!!!!

    What I find interesting is that there are two meters for the signal
    one that measures signal level and one that measures the quality
    of the signal.

    Now correct me if I am wrong but I have found if the quality
    of the signal drops below 50% the box drops that channel
    and the screen says "Bad or no signal"

    Yet I find when that happens the signal level is still around 60%
    despite the quality level being around 50 or 55%. This is my
    experience when trying to get channel 7 digital....

    I wonder if that aspect of the unit could be hacked a bit
    to make it less picky?
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