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DSC Power 632 DIY questions

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by [email protected], Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    I bought and wired up this kit from SmartHome:

    The PC1555MX (AKA Power 632) seems to have the same programming as the
    DSC 5010 Power 832. I've spent quite a bit of time reading past posts
    in the newsgroup. However, I'm stuck on a handful of items:

    1. The toughest one is getting panel feedback. While the keypad does
    give the binary value of the first digit when in programming mode, the
    emergency keys do not move to the next digit as the Installation manual
    states. So while I would love to give the actual panel data, I haven't
    found a way to retrieve it.

    2. Stay mode doesn't work as advertised. I currently have 4 doors zoned
    as Delay 1 and one motion sensor as Interior. Stay mode does bypass the
    motion sensor. However, the doors are still on delay in Stay mode. How
    can I program the panel to give an instant alarm when a Delay 1 door is
    violated in Stay mode?

    3. I wired the telephone jack using some instructions that Robert Bass
    posted in this newsgroup a while ago. The phone line seems to be
    properly hooked up because I'm no longer getting a fault for TLM once I
    reactivated it. I have had no luck in getting pager mode to work.
    Following a post here I programmed sections 160, 310, 310, 360, and 365
    with reasonable data. I also added the D before the telephone number
    and a handful of E's after. I'm working on a direct dial right now.
    According to the installation instructions, selecting *6<Master> then 4
    activates the alarm and all keypad indicators for 2 seconds, then is
    supposed to send a communications status via the telephone. The first
    two items occur as described. However, the phone never rings. I did
    program the system status code and a reasonable account number for the
    first telephone number.

    Any help with these items would be greatly appreciated. Also if there's
    a post in the newsgroup somewhere that I may have missed, a pointer to
    it would be welcome.


  2. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    It's best to just repeat what you've entered and make sure you've
    programmed the correct data that way.

    Stay *instant* will only activate if you press (*), (9), and your four
    digit code.

    If the system isn't monitored try entering a code for the programmed
    test transmission. If you leave this field as "FF" when you've
    activated the "Pager" option, the panel won't transmit anything. If you
    don't want it calling you except for in an emergency then leave this
    field blank ("FF"). If you program burg and fire zones to transmit a
    signal, arm the system and trip it. It should dial out to your pager then.

    Frank Olson
  3. Guest


    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll test out your suggestions immediately.

  4. mikey

    mikey Guest

    What format are you using? I'd suggest CID, your pager will display 6
    numbers, a 4 digit account code and 2 digit CID code. You have to program
    the code you want the panel to send in zone section.
    I use D and EEEB after the area code and number for my commercial pager.
    Tedious to program by keypad... suck up to a dealer here to download it, are
    you local to 613 741- (that's me)
    Just change your installer code after the download.

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  5. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    The fire keys move to the next digit
  6. Guest

    I tried the fire keys. No response. Do they need to programmed somehow?

    I also have an update on the telephone interface. No dice. I
    experimented with with download interface by configuring the panel to
    initiate a user selected dialout. The dialer did not cut out the phone
    that the panel is connected to.

    I wired the panel directly to the telephone network interface,
    bypassing the RJ-31X jack. I'm clearer on the purpose of the jack.
    However, it should not have affected the operation of the panel dialer.
    As shown in the installer diagram, I wired the incoming tip/ring from
    the central office to the tip/ring on the panel and wired the R1/T1
    lines back to the network interface and then to the phones. The phones
    work fine, but no luck on the dialer.

    Any suggestions?

  7. BruceO'Brien

    BruceO'Brien Guest

    Check section 380 option 1, is your communicator enabled? Yes, then check
    302, do you have your pager telephone # programmed here? Yes, then check
    311, have you programmed an account code for the second telephone number?
    Yes, then check 360, have you programmed 05 for your second telephone number
    (pager) format? Yes, then check 361 through 368 - "Communicator Call
    Directions" note that for ALL signals, sending to the 2nd telephone number
    is disabled by default. If you have all these signals enabled to send to the
    2nd (pager) number then check 370 - swinger shutdown limits, perhaps nothing
    will send because you are over the limit. .Make sure your panel time is set
    as the swinger will reset either on arm/disarm or at midnight. Watch out for
    your communicator format esp. with regards to section 381 i.e. Programmed
    vs. Automatic reporting codes. "Programmed reporting codes", whether Contact
    IDor SIA will not attempt to dial if 00 or FF is programmed (default) for
    any signal
    Lastly, RTFM especially 5.9 Pager Format:

    The Communicator Format option for either telephone number

    can be programmed as Pager format. If an event occurs and

    the Communicator Call Direction options direct the call to a

    telephone number with the Pager Format selected, the panel

    will attempt to page.

    When calling a pager, extra digits will be required in order for

    the format to function properly. The following is a list of Hex

    digits and the functions they perform:

    Hex - simulates the [*] key on a touch tone telephone

    Hex [C] - simulates the [#] key on a touch tone telephone

    Hex [D] - forces the panel to search for dial tone

    Hex [E] - two second pause

    Hex [F] - marks the end of the telephone number

    The panel will attempt to call the pager once. Once the appropriate

    telephone number is dialed, the panel will send the

    account number and Reporting Code followed by the [#] key

    (Hex [C]).

    The panel has no way of confirming if the pager was called

    successfully. A Failure To Communicate trouble will only be

    generated if the panel detects a busy tone on all dialing

    attempts, or if no dial tone is detected on all dialing attempts.

    The pager format will not cause any form of ringback.

    NOTE:The Pager Format cannot be used with the LINKS1000

    cellular communicator.

    NOTE:Do not use the digit C in a reporting code when using

    Pager Format. In most cases, the digit C will be interpreted as

    a [#], which will terminate the page before it has finished.

    NOTE:If the panel detects a busy signal, it will attempt to page

    again. It will make the maximum number of attempts programmed

    in section [160].

    NOTE:Force dialing should be disabled when using Pager format.

    NOTE:When using Pager format, you must program two hex

    digit E's at the end of the telephone number
  8. Guest

    I don't think it's a programming problem. I've attempted to use three
    completely different mechanisms for dialing out from the panel (pager,
    CommID, downloading). None of them have worked. I've gotten no
    indication that the panel has the ability to seize the phone line. The
    only indication that I have that the phone line is even connected to
    the panel is the lack of a TLM fault and the fact that the phone that
    is connected downline of the panel works.

    What is the simplest way to just check for line seizure/dialout? I may
    have to send this panel back to SmartHome due to a defective dialer.

  9. mikey

    mikey Guest

    Do you hear the relay click? :)
    And pick up a house phone, it should be dead when the dialler seizes the

    How are you trying to send a signal exactly? keypad panic? entry delay
    instant zone tripped?

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  10. Guest

    I was right. User error. At one point in time I had 3 phone lines wired
    to the house. I eliminated one line. But it was still wired in the
    network interface. I wired the panel to the defunct line. I guess it
    had enough of a signal not to trip the TLM.

    It's wired and dialing. Now it's off to relocate the pager delivery
    number for my Cell phone service and testing out code delivery to it.

    Thanks for all the suggestions.

  11. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    That's why I carry a butt-set. I like to make sure there's an actual
    dial tone. Using a VOM, you sometimes get what's close to actual line
    voltage when in fact there's no dial-tone.
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