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DSC POwer 632 communicator problem

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by PJS7, Mar 7, 2005.

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  1. PJS7

    PJS7 Guest

    I have a problem with a DSC Power 632 communicator. When the communicator
    kicks in to send an alarm code to the central station, the dial tone
    continues, although in a somewhat deminished way. After a while the
    automated voice of the phone company comes on with the message "... hang up
    and dial again". The signal gets through to the central station all right,
    but the phone line is restored to full dial tone only after abaut two
    minutes when the phone company hangs up.
    Two additional points: this is a DSL/ voice line; I put a filter in front of
    the phone line entering the panel; also the phone line has 'call waiting' I
    put a *70 (B70) in the string between the D and the phone number.
    Any ideas as to what I am missing? Thanks.
  2. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Does the panel hang up?? The DSL filter is supposed to go on the telephone
    side after the DSL modem. It sounds to me like you're not getting complete
    line seizure. Where is the eight position jack installed and was it done
    before or after you had the DSL modem installed?

    Try putting a Hex "E" after the *70 to get the panel to wait for 2 seconds
    before it dials the rest of the number. I often find that the call waiting
    won't disable if you don't. The number string should look like this:

    DB70E then your CS phone number.
  3. PJS7

    PJS7 Guest

    Thanks for the two pointers, Frank. Indeed, the panel did not fully seize
    the line and did not hang up after the reporing code was (successfully, to
    my surprise) transmited to th CS. I had already tried the Hex E after the
    B70, unfortunately it didn't make a difference. In frustration I changed
    the panel and, voala, the continued dial tone problem was resolved.
    However, the automated TELCO operator voice would still come on, some thing
    loke " ... cannot be connected as dialed. Please hang up and dial again"
    Running out of ideas as to what else to try, I removed the *70 (B70) from
    the string and both the connection and transmission was perfect. In
    disbelieve I put the Call Waiting cancelation code back in again and there
    again was the problem; I take it out and the problem is gone. Figure. Could
    it be that B70 is not recognised as a call waiting cancellation code by the
    DSC panel and that the "70" is taken as part of the phone number? The DSC
    tech support was of no help in this instance.
  4. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    If you have a butt-set, I'd suggest listening in to the panel as it dials.
    If you misprogrammed the number (failed to press the "*" after the "B"),
    then that could do it as you're still in "Hex" mode if you don't.
  5. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    Why did the panel not fully seize the line? DSC's tech support will be no
    help because they won't know the phone system in your area and aren't there
    with a butt set
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