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DSC MaxSys Status

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Interested, Nov 1, 2004.

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  1. Interested

    Interested Guest

    Hello -- it's me again,

    Is there any way to get a MaxSys LCD keypad to display the zone that
    triggered an alarm either while the alarm is sounding &/or right after
    disarming w/o having to view the memory?

    Right now, the keypad displays

    Projector Alrm
    In Alarm

    .... which is better than nothing but my users (primarially others in
    my department and the University Police folks) don't use this enough
    to remember exactly how to view the memory, so it would be great if I
    could do something to get it to show something along the lines of

    K1107 Magnapull
    In Alarm

    [Where "K1107 Magnapull" is the zone name]

    I've read the manual fairly thoroughly (I think) and I've come arcoss
    an option to display just about everything EXCEPT the zone in alarm on
    the keypad.

    On a similar note, is there any way to automatically scroll through
    the zones that are faulted while the keypad is idle? I got used to
    that feature long ago on the FBII XL-31 and it just seems so basic I
    can't beleive there's not some way to do it on something as
    comprehensive as the 4020


  2. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    You have to add the zone into the LCD description although it depends on if
    you have enough space to do it, I think DSC gives you up to 16 characters

    For example "1 Projector Alrm"
  3. alarman

    alarman Guest

    I had the same trouble a few months ago. AFAIK, the MaxSys will neither
    automatically scroll zones in alarm, nor open zones while disarmed. The
    1555, 5010, and 5020 will though.
  4. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    Thats only with later versions of keypads if I recall, the older ones didn't
    do that

  5. alarman

    alarman Guest

    Mark Leuck wrote
    That's right.
  6. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    Unfortunately I always had the older ones :)

    I wonder if they did the same thing to the Maxsys keypads which appear to
    now look like 5010 keyads?
  7. A.J.

    A.J. Guest

    To provide an idiot proof solution, use a PC4216 output module and make a
    custom display graphic with LEDs on it to indicate zone alarm. To bring it
    one step further, assign two LEDs to one zone, a green LED to indicate zone
    status, and a red LED to indicate alarm, works really well in a corporate
    enviroment and really impresses the heck out of your competition. From your
    original post, sounds like you are using it to monitor portable projectors
    in multiple rooms ? Just imagine having a floor plan of the complex hanging
    on the wall in your control centre, at a glance, you can tell right away if
    the projectors are still plugged in and secured with the green LED while
    it's disarmed, and if the projector been unplugged while it 's armed with
    the red LED.

    The Maxsys keypad is just too complicated for janitors, guards, emergency
    response people, or any other people that are technically challenged. The
    keypad display does not have enough field to provide detail zone description
    and to make matter worse, a lot of installs are done with a single keypad
    configured as global in a multi-partitioned setup just to save a few
    dollars, man, you won't believe the grief after hour support techs have to
    deal with.
  8. alarman

    alarman Guest

    Mark Leuck wrote
    Nope. Those dogs won't hunt.
  9. Interested

    Interested Guest

    Good points and _VERY_ cool idea... Unfourtinately not too practical
    for my needs [and no competition to impress -- we're a university and
    we do it in-house]. I wish I could implement it...maybe on the next
    project. Wall space is a major issue here [I'm still getting crud for
    how much space the LCD4501 occupies!], plus we don't really have a
    staffed control center outside of the {cramped) University Police
    dispatch office... 3/4 of a mile from the buildings I'm protecting.

    Most of the normal operation is -- and will be -- monitored by UPD
    using T-Link cards in each panel and a copy of ReporterIP / using DLS
    2002 (me) or SA (others in my dept.)

    You are also mostly correct about what these systems do (currently at
    3) -- they are monitoring permanately installed video projectors (on
    security mounts) bolted to the ceiling... Vibration sensor on the
    mount (in case someone starts taking whacks at it, only armed "after
    hours") and magnapulls with armored cables mounted to the projector
    (24 hour zone, bypassed if necessary for work). In therory, the system
    is _always_ ready with no zones violate... I'm still working a few
    wiring issues out though.

    And you are INCREDIBLY correct about the complexity of the DSC keypad.
    I have a hard time figuring out exactly what I want/need to do some
    times. And what's up with the 5 buttons (ending in "exit", can't
    remember the top 4) that don't seem to do anything? I don't see any
    sections in programming for any of these buttons.

    The lack of automatic scrolling is annoying especially with alarm
    memory...and you can change EVERY freaking prompt on the keypads
    except the ones you actually want to change... My coworkers are
    snapping at me because "In Alarm" isn't clear "I've never heard anyone
    talk like that...maybe its the right term but what does it mean?",
    "Can't you change it to 'alarm sounding' or 'Someone is stealing a

    Same thing with "Zone open", etc., etc.

    And trying to tell someone how to figure out which 24 hour zone
    triggered an alarm from the keypad when there are are other alarms in
    memory (i.e. the system has not been armed/disarmed) is nealy
    hopeless... From memory: *3[6-digit user code], scroll to last item in
    list. Sometimes. Ignore everything that has already triggered an
    alarm. Most of the time.

    My coworkers are starting to chalenge me to write custom EPROMs for
    the thing [We are, after all, an IT orginization with a thick "roll
    your own" heritage]...And I'm getting irritated to the point where it
    may actually make its way on to my todo list.

    Thankfully once I bring these fully online we should only see a few
    alarms a year and there should never be anything leftover in memory
    when one of those happens.

    [Who explained to a not-too-bright coworker that randomly yanking a
    Magnapull cable out of its mount is not a good idea. Especially when
    your (armed) police officers have gaurnteed response. (The call was
    canceled before too much happened)]
  10. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Neither does my wife's poodle... :))
  11. petem

    petem Guest

    a simple printer on a shelf connected to a pc4401 and all event can be
    printed as it happen and its damn idiot proof..

    (unless the idiot cant read)...

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