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DSC MaxSys Questions

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Interested, Jun 24, 2004.

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  1. Interested

    Interested Guest

    Hi Group,

    I'm in the midst of installing the first three of 9+ MAXSYS panels
    (PC4020, v. 3.3) for my facility and am having a few questions that
    I'm hoping someone here can answer:

    a) Exactly how do I set it up so that, say Partition 1 auto arms at
    9:45 PM (2145) and disarms at 6:45 AM (0645)? I've read and reread the
    installation manual on this topic and it seems like there's something
    missing... or something... Maybe I'm just not following it right.

    b) Is there any way to manage these systems as a group as far as user
    administration is concerned (I.e. send the same user info to every
    panel at once... I'm using the T-Link, the TL-1 server, DLS 2002 and
    (soon) Reporter IP)? I only have 6 user codes to worry about, so if
    not it wouldn't be too big of a deal, but it would be nice to just
    push everything out at once, especially if we ever add users.

    c) How important is the EGND connection? When I have it connected (via
    a TCBB bonded to building steel) the systems complain about a ground
    fault, that clears when I disconnect EGND I'm not doing what the
    manual tells me to.

    d) What is the purpose of that black hole plug DSC ships with every

    e) Where do you typically your zone expansion modules? Centrally
    located or closest to the zones being served? I'm pretty much stuck
    installing the boxes in really awkward locations due to "space
    available", but I'd like to know what the "norm" is.

    f) Am I the only person tampering every can & using a high-ish
    security ACE II locks on all of my cans? Glancing at panels in similar
    environments it seems that 90% of them are open and most of the
    remaining 10% are just screwed shut.

    g) Is alarming the main panel [as a 24 hour bell zone] enough or
    should I alarm the door to the room with the panel as well? [A keycard
    from the campus CI CardAccess system is required to get into the room
    as it is]


    -As paranoid as I can afford to be while staying under budget
  2. alarman

    alarman Guest

    Interested wrote
    Set up a date scheule with arm and disarm times, select auto arm and auto
    disarm. Then set up an entry in the arm/disarm schedule corresponding to
    your specific date schedule and edit the partition mask to select the
    partition to which you want the schedule to apply. Clear as mud. :)

    Not that I know of, but I havent used the T-link yet.

    The earth ground, unless it's done just so, will cause you more trouble than
    if you go without it, IMO. However, if you have a ground fault, you need to
    find it. Depending where your eol resistors are, a ground fault might cause
    a zone not to report an alarm, or cause a false alarm.

    It fills the D-hole if you don't use the camlock.
    Put them where it's convenient for you. I like to have them at the control,
    but it's nice to remote them sometimes to make wiring easier. Follow the
    wiring specs. in the manual.

    Depends on the installation. A panel lock just keeps the curious out. A
    tamper is a good idea though.
    That depends what else is in the room, and when others might need access.
    Only a thin line exists between preparation and paranoia. Good luck.
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